Saturday, December 13, 2003
tis the season for parties
Yesterday felt like one of the longest days ever. Ever have one of those? It just feels like it goes on and on and on. It started with me taking my grandmother to a doctor's appointment. She lives 2 hours north of here, but she comes down to the city for appointments with specialists. We spent a total of three hours in the doctors office, mostly waiting around and being moved from one waiting room to another (welcome to the Canadian Healthcare System!). This made for a very long day, and an exhausting one for my grandma. And as much as I love and adore her (and I truly do) she can really try my patience in a situation like that. Anyway, we got her set up for cataract surgery in the new year, so she's happy.

After that Princess Blondie and her boyfriend BRUNO and I had chinese food for dinner (thanks guys!!) and we watched Survivor; they couldn't watch it with me on Thursday as is our usual routine, so I taped it so we could watch it together on Friday night instead. :-D We had a total blast, I love spending time with these kids. After watching Survivor we collectively went to Blockbuster to rent a movie to round out the evenings events. We rented the movie Wrong Turn, which wasn't the scariest movie by any means, but you wouldn't know that from watching Princess Blondie freak out. LOL. Bless that girl, I love watching a scary movie with her.....these films were made for people just like her. She jumps at every little thing, it's great.
Good time had by all!

So today I am going to a birthday party for a 2 year old; my best friend from highschool is throwing a party for her two year old, so I'm gonna go and play Auntie and take lots of pics. Should be a blast, we had fun at the birthday party last year. How old do I feel when I'm going to parties for my friends KIDS?? Yikes.

After that I have a house warming party I have been invited to...and I'm not sure if I wanna go or not. Seems like I have nothing better to do tonight (there's a family dinner that I am NOT going to tonight...I despise my dad's side of the family) so I might go to the house warming. However, there's gonna be not one, but TWO ex-boyfriends there (one of them being the host) and am I *really* in the mood for that? I mean we're all friends and everything, but I dunno....
*sigh* We'll see how I feel later. Maybe the birthday party will tucker me out. lol! A group of two year olds running around all afternoon?? I feel tired just thinking about it. We'll see......