Thursday, December 11, 2003
canary in a coalmine
Do I know how to start the day off right or what?! I got up this morning and went off to the diagnostic centre up the street for an ultrasound. there any better feeling than having cold goop squeezed onto your tummy, followed by having a rock hard transducer jammed into my ribs?? And that's saying nothing of the lovely paper gown I was parading around in. LOL.
Anyway, seems all is fine (*big surprise*) and the doctors still don't know why I have a stomach pain that occasionally puts me in the hospital when it gets really bad. We were looking at my gallbladder this time, as we have before, but found nothing. I was actually pulling for it to be the gallbladder; while I'm not excited by the idea of having problems with my gallbladder, I would like to have a name for my pain. But sadly, all these years later, I still do not. :-/

Moving right along to last night's events (I know si is snooping for details here. lol!). What can I say? We had a great time. :-D I made us a very tasty dinner, if I do say so myself. And Lucky was brave enough to meet my neighbour across the hall, Princess Blondie. And after dinner we curled up on the couch and watched Finding Nemo. How cute was that movie!?
So yeah, we had a fun evening. Hell, I think I might even see this guy a THIRD time, everyone!! This may very well be a new dating record for me; not many guys entertain me long enough to make it to the third date. Hmph. Must be something about this guy, hunh? *wink* Maybe if Lucky is feeling brave he will say a word or two in the comments....heh.

And now I am going to eat because I was forced to starve for 12 hours before this ultrasound. After that I'm gonna lounge a bit and then head out for a haircut. This makes me very happy.

Know what DOESN'T make me happy? Hearing news about mafia-style attempts at assassination in Israel. Seems one tough guy tried to kill another tough guy by blowing him up. Of course they missed the intended target and killed 3 and injured 33 others. Nice job! As if Israelis don't have enough to worry about, now they gotta worry about bombings from their own side? Idiots. Stop fighting amongst each other....there are bigger issues to contend with.