Wednesday, December 10, 2003
feel good time
I went on a cleaning rampage last night. It started off as a little bit of tidying so I don't frighten Lucky off on what is only our second date, but it turned into me getting very into what I was doing and actually (*gasp*) enjoying the cleaning. I have a special love affair with cleaning products. And I simply *love* the happiness I get from a clean home. I just kinda wander from room to room admiring my clean apartment. It's ridiculous, but I figure it's a healthy obsession. There are worse things to be obsessed how many steps you take, or washing your hands fifty times a day.

I'm not sure what I was thinking by inviting Lucky over for dinner as a second date... I don't wanna mislead the chap into thinking I'm some kinda Kitchen Goddess. I mean I like cooking alright, but I don't make dinner every night. lol. I have always maintained that I would make meals more often if it was more than just me, coz eating alone sucks. As much as I enjoy living alone, I find meals become more of an obstacle or chore. It's sad but true. But when I have company over I get very excited about making food. :-D

Work is seriously impairing my ability to focus on the fun night ahead. I still have some things I want to do at home before he comes over, but I have this pesky meeting with a buyer this afternoon, so it's kinda important that I stick around for that. LOL. Who the hell invented this whole concept of work, anyway??
And my landlord called me to tell me he has a new door knob he wants to install (it's a long story, but Princess Blondie got a new door knob last night coz hers broke, so apparently my landlord feels the need to have mine match since I'm across the hall. weirdo). I said tonight is SO not the night for that. How romantic would it be to have dinner with the landlord installing a new knob on my front door?? LOL Good for a story later, not good for a date.

Should be an interesting evening..... *wink*