Saturday, November 22, 2003
zen day
Today was my day to do absolutely nothing. And except for an interlude whereby I met up with my friend "Will", I seemed to have accomplished the objective. :-) You laugh, but do you know how hard it is for the average person to just do nothing? I don't know about you, but one of the most common lectures my mother drilled into me as a teenager was the ole "you're wasting your day away by sleeping" (closely followed by the "you're turning your nights into day and your days into nights" lecture). Both lectures were spawned by the idea that when you sleep in until whatever hour, you are wasting precious daylight hours. This never actually sat well with me because I am, by nature, more of a night owl. Whoopidoo if I miss daytime. lol.

Anyway, I slept in until the oh-so-late hour of 9:30am. I hope my mom is happy, she's ruined my inability to really sleep in. lol. I got up, I mucked around on my computer for a few hours, ate some breakfast, and crawled back into bed to read a book. I finally fell back asleep for another hour and half. Bonus! Later I woke up with a headache from over sleeping (my mother has officially cursed me) and I decided it was time to get up and shower and act like a real human being. My friend Will calls to chat a bit. Twice. I hop in the shower. Ahhh...that feels better.
I get out and crank some music. I begin to tidy my apartment a bit. (am I boring you yet? GOOD! this is your lesson on how to relax and do nothing, so pay attention :-). My friend Will calls me again. We decide to meet up at the mall and hang out. I love him, so I decide it's a good plan. That and it forces me to get out of the house and get some air. After hanging out and shopping we separate and go our merry ways.

On the way home I head to the convenience store, get some milk, some Sprite Ice and some Cherry Coke. I'm in the mood to try some funky drinks, ya know? (ok, now I'm even boring me. lol) Blah blah blah .....I watch my taped shows and kick back for the rest of the night. The end.
See that? I feel better. Rejuvenated, even. I suggest you all give it a shot (unless you already live a life of leisure in which I suggest you get your ass out there and get some work so you can actually appreciate your free time. ;-)

Shall we talk about Gothika? Yeah, I saw it last night with Princess Blondie. It was ok, I suppose. It entertained me, and overall I'd say it was good. Not exactly the most original storyline, but it was fun. Princess Blondie, however, was far more entertaining to watch than the movie. I sat there and watched my friend revert back to a screaming 12 year old. It was hilarious, complete with arm clutching, squealing, and ear plugging. Yes folks, she's the type that jumps when the black cat dashes out from behind the garbage can. LOL. She was great fun to watch it with, I'm glad we went. :-)

Speaking of Princess Blondie, she was devastated by Thursday's episode of Survivor. She swore all the way through that if Rupert was voted off she wouldn't watch the show anymore; I guess I won't be going over to her place Thursday nights anymore. LOL. Never get attached to the players, folks!!

As for me, I am a happy girl today. I got some eggnog while at the convenience store. I LOVE EGGNOG!!!!!! AND I ordered another hundred bucks worth of groceries from Grocery Gateway today, to be delivered tomorrow afternoon. woohoo! I think tomorrow I'll make stew. Or chili.
Stew or chili? Whattya think? (I know, you actually couldn't give a shit, just humour me and make like you do, k? lol)