Sunday, November 16, 2003
mission accomplished!
First of all, I'd like to extend a thank you to Havdala and Smooth for your kind and supportive comments in my last entry. You guys are the best at showing me some lovin' when I need it most. Hugs to you both; I appreciate your understanding.

And now let me just say I had a fabulous day afterall. It's late, 1am, just got home and I am feeling a million times better than I was this morning. :-D
I went with my friend 'Tony' to The Everything To Do With Sex Show downtown and it was an absolute blast! I don't think I have seen so many dildoes and various other sex gizmos and gimmicks in my whole life (if ONLY stupid Blogger would let me upgrade so I could post pictures!! Damn you, Blogger!!). We had a great laugh and even learned a little along the way too. Tony is just one of my dearest friends, and it gave us a great opportunity to spend some time hanging out without our usual gang of friends; not that I don't love my other friends! But a little one on one time gave us a chance to get to know each other way better, and to get a little more personal and deep about things, ya know? I really truly had a great time with him. He totally pulled me out of a bad mood and made my day.
What a sweetheart.

And then after I hung out with him all day I met up with my friend Melra and we went out to a pub and sat and talked the night away. She is the fuckin' BEST person to both talk with about the shit going on in my life, AND to just shoot the breeze and have a good laugh. I adore her muchly as well, and have come to appreciate her friendship with each and every outing we have. You simply couldn't ask for a better friend.
We talked at one point about how we need to win the lottery. We both firmly believe that our happiness CAN in fact be bought, contrary to what people try and tell you (with the ole "money can't buy you happiness" line. pfft! HELLYA money can buy my happiness!). We concluded that if we won 49 million dollars (as some one has recently done in the States), one of the first things we would do is divide up large sums to those we love. We agreed that it would just NOT be fun if you didn't share it. Coz sure, you could go travel the world and have fun...but who are ya gonna do it with if everyone else is at work all the time?? And are THEY gonna wanna hear about all the fun you're having if they are at work bustin' their asses to make a living? So what fun is it if you don't share?? Tsk. The part that's important to being happy when you have money is to spread the joy, no? :-)

Anyway, we day dreamed for a bit, which is always kinda funny. "Oh if only...."

So there. I am back into my good mood again and all is well. Doesn't mean I'm any happier about the days events in Turkey, but I can deal with it now.
Thanks gang, I love ya all!