Monday, November 17, 2003
admiration and friendship
I believe the first blog I started reading (many many moons ago, now) was Wil Wheaton's blog. I enjoyed his self deprecating humour, and the little following he had. I eventually drifted away because his need for his readers to tell him he was special was just getting depressing after a while. Still, I think it's a solid blog, and he seems like a pretty good guy.

Then I didn't read any blogs for a long time. That is, until my best friend told me she was moving to Israel. It was at this point that I was going to learn everything I could about where she was going, from the basic geography and political system, to what kind of life she would have. And it's that last point that brought me to the blogosphere. I could go on all kinds of factual sites about Israel and get information, but it didn't give me an idea of what day to day life would be like. So I somehow came across Lorien's blog. Which lead me to Imshin, Rinat, Gil, and Civax. They gave me a window on a world that I had no idea about. Sometimes it made me feel better and sometimes it made me worry more. I became closest to Lorien as she took me in under her wing and answered all my questions. She had an especially helpful edge, in that she is an Israeli living in Canada, so she has lived in both worlds and can answer my questions with a certain understanding.

Of course with time I followed the links of those other blogs, leading me to Solomonia, Brian Blum, Meryl, Allison, Israellycool, Wadiuwant and all the other great blogs you see in my blogroll. I read each and every one of them, and get something from them all (and no, that are not all Israeli or Jewish).

My point here is this: because I have been reading those first few blogs for so long that I have a deep admiration and respect for them. I guess I look up to them in a way, for it was they who had inspired me to finally start my own. Lorien was the first to link me, and was an amazing help in setting my blog up. And when I saw links to me on Imshin's page and Gil's page, and all those others who have been kind enough to include me on their blogroll, I was beyond honoured. I really appreciated the acknowledgment, for it was they, in part, that got me here. So, to all those who have linked me, I extend a heart-felt thank you. I am honoured and flattered.

But what about some of my more recent friends? This is the truly great part about blogging....all the friends you make along the way. When I first fired up this blog JustAGirl and Dan were right on board with me, posting comments left, right and centre. As was a new friend and supporter, Si.
Si, Si, Si. What an angel you are. This girl here is da bomb, people. She's got it ALL going on...she's got the brains, she's got the wit, and she's got the talent. And more importantly she has been *right* there for me helping me out and showing her love! I don't even remember how I came across her was sometime in July I think....and I had happened onto her page at a time when she had posted about something that matched what was going on in my life. We just sort of hit it off from there, and the rest is history. Thank you for everything, Si. ((hugs))

And now with the infamous K-Dogg, Smooth Stone, Havdala, Geoff, Wayne and Tzaddi coming on board it just doesn't get any better. :-)

So go explore the blogs of never know what you'll find.
(and if I have somehow missed acknowledging you like some kinda bad Oscar speech, I apologize, it wasn't intended to be a slight of any kind.)