Wednesday, November 19, 2003
I will NOT let my blog make me late for work, I will NOT let my blog make me late for work...
Ok, this has to be quick because I am some kind of time calculating misfit and when I set my alarm last night I didn't give myself NEARLY enough time. I finally work up *before* my alarm went off because it just felt like I should be up. And yes, I should have been, at least half an hour before, if I planned on spending any time on my computer before heading out the door. Nice job on my part.
Anyway, moving along.

Last night's class was fun. I love my class. And while I sometimes think I will never learn another language this late in the game, I still enjoy it. Keeps my brain stimulated, and keeps me in the habit of learning. Yesterday I got labelled as the browner in the class coz I did a lot of work WAY ahead in our textbook. I tried to quietly go up to the teacher before the class started to ask her a question about something I had done when she got all loud and said "Oh HO! Look what we have here, you have done well to get so far! And you have only one question??". She sort of went on like that for a bit as I turned more and more red. I could hear a few guffaws from some of my classmates (not that I truly care, I'm there to learn, but it certainly doesn't help when trying to play a bit of the classroom politics game). When I sat back down someone said "you're a BROWNER!!" to which I mighta mumbled that she only wished she was. The teacher said to me "you know what? I LOVE browners, I really do". This wasn't helping helping, coz now I'm sounding like a total teacher's pet. I'm sure she meant well, but it was making things worse. The guffaws went up a notch. I said that I wasn't trying to be a browner, just that I wanted to do more because it was easy and I wanted to challenge myself to push ahead. *sigh*
At any rate, I got the last laugh coz when she was assigning homework she gave them stuff I had already done. *grin* HA! Take that, you little wise-assed monkeys!!!

Ok, I was going to write more, but I am really REALLY running late.
Tzaddi, I am absolutely delighted to hear you got the box of candy I sent you. And I included the stickers of the Canadian flag so you could remember where you got them from. :-D Happy candy eating!! From Canada to Japan. How crazy is that??
See? Blogging IS COOL! I don't care what nay-sayers tell you!!

Off to Kitchener for the day, anyone wanna come? Coz I love driving for a few hours before working and then when I'm dog tired from working all day I just LOVE driving for a few hours home again. lol
have a good day, folks. Stay out of trouble.