Saturday, November 15, 2003
operation: mood restoration
"Istanbul synagogue blasts: 20 dead"
This is making me cry, I'll be honest. Jews are targeted in all parts of the world, not just Israel. Nowhere is safe for a Jew, with attacks occuring in places from Turkey to Kenya to Morocco. I hope people now get an understanding for why Jews want so badly to have a land of their own in order to try and realize some semblance of security in their future. I hardly think that's too much to ask. :'-(

Anyway, I have made plans for the rest of the day in order to pull myself out of this mood. I am going with a friend of mine (I think we called him "Tony" the last time. lol) to go check out The Everything To Do With Sex Show going on down at the Toronto Skydome. Should be very very interesting. I adore him, he's a sweet guy, so this oughtta be a lot of fun.

After that I am meeting up with my friend Melra for a fun evening of hanging out. Not sure where or what, but I don't care what we do. So long as we get to hang out and unwind and bitch about life a little and have a few laughs. It's what it's all about with friends. :-)

Today I will take comfort in the company of my friends.