Thursday, November 20, 2003
Bingham & Caicos

Okay, forget that other post, I'm still too bitter to recreate it. Instead let's talk about my new friend, Bingham.
Bingham belongs to my bestest buddy/neighbour across the hall, Princess Blondie (or more accurately her mom), and I was lucky enough to get to dogsit him today. I thoroughly enjoy doing this sort of thing. It allows me to make like I have a dog without all the ongoing responsibility of owning a dog. (That will come when I share a house with a beau and the responsibility can rest on both our shoulders)

This is not the first time I have borrowed someone else's dog. I used to take my friend's dog, Caicos, out for walks all the time. I loved it. And today was good coz I even faked being part of the secret dog owner community. You know, like how mom's talk in the park while their kids play.

Today as I was walking Bingham up the street there was a little shih tzu up ahead at the corner. As we neared the other dog I was getting a little nervous....I have only known Bingham for all of 30 minutes, and in fact have NO clue how well he interacts with other dogs. This could go badly for all I know, I have no idea. The shih tzu is small, Bingham is a big ole Golden Retriever.
As I arrive at the corner Bingham begins the usual tail waggin' and butt sniffing that all dogs go through when greeting each other; I held the leash very tight to me in case I needed to extricate him quickly. It went pretty well except that his new girlfriend could not have cared less that he was even there. She let him sniff wherever he liked, but she turned her head and made like he wasn't even there (poor Bingham, love denied can be a painful thing!). The owner explained that her dog doesn't really believe she's a dog, and so has very little use for other dogs. We had a cute little chuckle and watched the puppy fun for a second or two longer. Then I gave Bingham a little tug and informed him it was time to move along, and so we did.

I walked away with the biggest dumbest grin on my face. I fooled her! She thought I was one of them! She thought I was a dog owner too! Ha....I blended in perfectly. LOL!!

I leave you with a picture of my friend's dog, Caicos. I love her and miss her dearly, as she now enjoys life in Thailand instead of chilly old
It's a rough life! :-)
Caicos was my favourite dog to borrow coz she got all kinds of attention being a dalmatian and all (well that and she's about the bestest puppy dawg ever). I actually had someone ask me once: "...uh.....what is that? that them there 'spotty dogs?'. For real! I said yes. It's a "spotty dog". LOL