Tuesday, November 18, 2003
message in a bottle
I'd like to thank my friend and neighbour across the hall, Princess Blondie, for making me a slave to text messaging on my phone. Prior to her entering my life, I never really used my phone for text messaging; frankly I found it extremely time consuming to press the same freakin' button three times just to produce an "L", and so typing out a whole message was an exercise in aggravation. But is there any greater joy than receiving a little message on my phone in the middle of the day, indicating to me that at that very moment someone was thinking of me? I can't help but squeal and anxiously go to my inbox to see what little nugget of joy was left there for me. It's pathetic, but it is true, ladies and gentlemen. And of course in my excitement I must reply to what was sent to me, and before you know it we are zipping messages back and forth.

And NOW I am even into texting my friend's cell phone over in England. It started as a way to establish whether or not the other was there in order to make the long distance call (or not if the person isn't home). Last night we just messaged a few times and I said I would call her later in the week, but that she had better message me when her baby is born (we're due at the end of the week).
I'm a text whore, what's become of me!?!!?

A funny side note; when I got up this morning I got a message from someone I don't know. "sl_zhange@hotmail.com: when will she give me the laptop? I will meet the laptop guy tomorrow"
Good to know. LOL. I wonder who was supposed to get that message....

The thing is, I know these messages cost money, but I have no idea how much. I have yet to get a bill for my phone since I started this, and I shudder to think. I'm sure it's some innocent amount like 25 cents a message, but good lord, how many have I sent?! So help me, if I have to go on a new plan because of this habit I'm not gonna be happy. lol
Damn you, Princess Blondie!!! :-P

Anyway, I have a crazy week ahead of me. I'm on the road, and working long crazy hours. I'm feeling spunky this morning coz I was in bed by 8pm last night (I had a splitting migraine) and slept off and on until 6am. Booyah! So I gotta drive to Burlington today and somehow make it back into town for my class at 6pm tonight. I hope I can make it. Coz I love my night class.
I also love milk. The colder the better.