Wednesday, November 26, 2003
to tell or not to tell
Let me pose a hypothetical situation to you, my fine audience, and see what your thoughts are on the matter.

Let's found out you had a terrible disease of some sort and you were told you had a limited amount of time to live (cheery thought, I know, but stay with me here. it's a game of "what if"). K? Now then, the doctors tell you they have a treatment that may buy you some extra time, but it will (in all likeliness) make you very sick. Either way, your time is still limited, it's just a matter of how much extra time you can buy.

So. Do you take the treatment and take the chances that your last days are terrible because you are sick all the time, and can barely muster the energy to move (but hey you might get another month or longer on this planet, even if you're watching it from your bed!)?
Do you decide to live out your last months in relative health, opting to live out quality days with friends and family, essentially choosing quality of time over quantity of time. Maybe travel and see the world, or follow other dreams you had never gotten around to doing (but ya can't do it if you're sick from the treatment!).

Which would you choose?

Now let me ask you a third possibilty would you consider not even telling anyone? Would you consider not telling your friends and family, and instead elect to try and lead a normal life for as long as possible (and thereby sparing your friends and family the dread of knowing what's to come)?
What if you had the option to not know for sure to begin with? Would you want to know? What if you were the type of person who wouldn't take the treatment anyway? Would there be a point to knowing?

This is all tricky stuff. Hypothetical stuff like this is good....get's ya thinking about stuff a bit. ;-)
And maybe make you Thankful for what you DO have, hm? It's always said that you should live each day like it's your last... so how would you live it? Would you go and make amends with people? Why would it take something like that to get you to do it? Would you finally take that trip? Would you surprise someone and tell them you love them? Or would you keep it as your little secret?

What're your thoughts, folks? (and I realize I ask this at a time when many of my readers are gonna be off eating Turkey......damnit...bad timing. Oh well.)