Wednesday, November 26, 2003
murder by numbers
I can't remember when I've been this grumpy. It's been months. Grrr...I hate it. It's so energy draining. I cancelled my plans for tonight so I wouldn't have to subject my friend to my mood, and so I could stew in it right proper. LOL. I think my parents are going to drive me out my mind. I'm telling you, they make me want to flee the country. Where shall I go? I think we Canadians can get into England and Australia pretty easily... Hm. The Irish in me calls to Ireland. Then again, Israel is a gorgeous country (yes it is! get all that bad imagery of bombs out of your head!), but I would miss the winter. I know that sounds crazy, but I would. So I guess that puts Australia out too. I need snow, I can't have it warm all year round. Why must my parents make me so grumpy that I actually seriously consider crap like this? *sigh*

Let's talk about something else. Like my class last night. It was my last class until the new year. This makes me sad coz I truly adore my teacher and have become quite fond of my classmates as well. That and I am afraid I'm going to forget everything I have learned during the break. That would be bad. I told my teacher I wanted her to pile on the homework for me to do during the break (there's that browner thing I mentioned. lol). She loaned me a second textbook and showed me what I could do to get ahead. And she's going to sneak me into her advance class when classes resume, so after my class I'll stay afterwards and sit in on her next class. Hurray! This makes me happy.
Anyone wanna help me with my homework? Can ya speak Hebrew? :-/ No? Drat.

Know what I did last night? I went crazy-obsessive about cleaning my keyboard. At like, 12:30am I decided I needed to take my keyboard into my bathroom and use my hairdryer to blow out all the crap between the keys (I only WISH I had a can of air!) and then I spent..I have no idea how long....15? 20 minutes? cleaning between the keys with alcohol and q-tips. How nutty is that?? What can I say, I LOVE my keyboard and mouse (which yes, also got a cleaning) as I had been noticing the two year build up of filth on them so it was cleanup time. lol
I can't believe I just admitted to that.

Anyway, my pizza just arrived, and Survivor is on tonight. Since Princess Blondie has washed her hands of the show in light of last week's vote, her boyfriend is coming over to my apartment to watch it tonight (I usually go over to theirs). She won't watch it now, so it's just us. LOL and tv.....