Tuesday, November 25, 2003
look at me, NOT getting my work done!!
Omg, I have wasted FAR too much time today making changes to my blog. Bloody hell. Maybe it's because I don't know what I'm doing, so at one point I had the thing in complete shambles as I was feverishly writing and rewriting html code. I thought my brain was going to melt, and panic (and frustration) was seriously beginning to set in.

The problem is that I am an insane perfectionist. I have overlooked a few things on my blog that bugged me, but today, for whatever reason, I just coudn't let them go. So I mucked with my links and set up a news section. I am now an affiliate with CBC News. I have no idea if this means I have sold my soul to the devil or what, but I thought it would be something new and interesting to look at. Please let me know if it slows down your page load too much, and if such is the case with enough people I will remove it. I just thought it might be nice for some of you to see how Canada reports the news. Open your mind a little and see how we see the world. :-) It's updated frequently throughout the day, and just so you don't get bored of Canadian news (I admit, things can get a little dry up here) I put the "world news" section first. K? So let me know what you think.

And now I am going to friggin' well get some work done. Talk about panic....I haven't done any work today, and I really needed to as I have deadline as of yesterday that I am missing. And I have homework to do before class tonight. Crap. AND I gotta go to the dentist, which pretty much ices the cake on how my day is going. *groan*
As it is I am resisting doing more things to my blog. Must...stop...tinkering!! What the hell has gotten into me today?!

As a final note my nerd friends and I are desperately trying to get tickets to the Lord of The Rings Marathon. The theatres in the area (and I think much of the U.S.A.) are hosting a marathon of all three movies on December 16th. It runs from 1:30pm to about 1am. How crazy will that be?? Eeeek!! I am dying to do this movie marathon with my buddies!! We are hitting a few snags, in that the two theatres closest to us are ALREADY sold out, if you can friggin' believe it (the tickets are something like $50). So we're trying to get tickets to a theatre a little farther away. *fingers crossed*
Here's hoping.