Monday, November 24, 2003
once again
I just did a serious bonehead move and erased an entry I was working on. The "funny" part about it was that I was attempting to copy the entry and paste it somewhere else so I wouldn't lose it. Ironic isn't it? Just friggin' HILARIOUS, isn't it? *sigh* I highlighted the whole entry and then right clicked. Only instead of clicking "copy" I clicked "paste" and put in a link to something I was posting about, causing the entire post to be replaced by one little link.

In an effort to calm down I am now going to go meet my friend Melra for a coffee. I *could* blame her since she interrupted my blogging by calling me and inviting me out, thereby causing me to stop mid-post to meet her.....
But that would just be silly, and desperate. It ain't'a gonna bring my post back.
and DAMNIT it was good too. grumblegrumble, fragga shmagga.

Melra will raise my mood, however, and the I will come back and take another stab at it.
Damn you all to hell Blogger, you will cause me certain insanity.