Sunday, November 23, 2003
gettin' jiggy with it
Last night I eventually blew my "I'm going to do nothing all day" mentality, and did some homework for school. But I enjoy doing my homework for this class, so I don't count that. I guess that's the thing with going back to school as an're there coz you want to be, and it changes the whole outlook and experience of it. I'm loving it. :-D

Today has been pretty good too. It's a *gorgeous* warm sunny day here in Toronto. We're all wondering what is going on with the weather gods, what with temperatures topping 15C (59F) today. It was too nice to stay inside so I went for a walk. I took a stroll up Yonge St. to check out the little shops along the way. I also passed a park called Ransom Park. Yikes, hardly seems like an inviting name for a pretty little park, now does it?? LOL.
The used book store I wanted to check out was closed for some reason, much to my chagrin. I have finished the book I was reading, Holes, and have been shopping around for what I'd like to read next. I'm open to suggestions from y'all.

Walking along I saw a new store that had just opened up, claiming to be a Mediterranean food store/restaurant. Well I just had to go in, now didn't I? I had seen some advertisements the owner had put up on some hydro poles, so I thought I'd stop in and show a little support for a new store. I'm a firm believer in supporting local businesses.

It had about what I expected..some imported foods from various Arab countries, and I grinned as I looked over all the foreign food. I love this kinda stuff, I really do. I chatted it up with the guy a bit, telling him I had seen his sign (wanted to let him know his efforts were paying off) and asked him how long he had been open. Only two weeks, he said. I walked around looking for something to was hard being the only one in this tiny little store; I knew he was watching me the whole time. lol. We Jews get nervous when an Arab is watching us that closely!! (rofl. I'm kidding folks, don't get your shorts in a bunch)
Anyway, I wandered over to the fridge to see what beverages he had. He noticed me looking at the drinks and came over to tell me that the ones I was looking at were from Turkey. Really?? says I. So I grabbed me a couple of the Turkish pops/soda called Uludag Gazoz. They looked pretty tasty. One is an orange flavour pop, and one is some ambiguous "fruit flavour", but looks like it will be a lemon/lime drink.

This made me happy. Happy to try the drinks, happy to show this guy some business, and happy in some crazy way to support Turkey a little. I know, that sounds crazy, but buying products is one way to support a country so I'm doin' it for Turkey. Did you know Turkey was the first Muslim country to acknowledge the state of Israel? Turkey and Israel have very good relations indeed, and the Jews and Muslims there live well together. And after the recent bombing I think Turkey has done very well to handle the situation. It was a horrible loss for everyone.

Anyway, I also bought some dried red lentils he had in bulk bins. I can always use more of those. As I was paying at the counter my wallet sort of fell open as I was digging for change and his eye caught sight of a sticker I had in there; it's a Canadian and Israeli flag sort of super-imposed over one another (looks pretty damn cool, actually). In an effort to ascertain my heritage he sort of fumbled for a minute and then asked "So... do you live around here?". Well chosen words, my friend. I gave him a big smile and said yes, I live just down the street, and that I'm sure I'll be back in again soon. ;-)

So after my Turkey drink purchase I have come home to sample the beverage and tend to my stew (the orange drink is VERY good, I might add!! Mm-mm!). Earlier today I had groceries delivered to my house, so I was able to make some real food. With Si's vote for stew, I went with that as my dinner of choice. In an effort to ease recent tensions with the parental units, I have invited my mother and father over for dinner. *sigh* I hope I don't live to regret that one.

Have I mentioned that I have found out my mother has been on my blog a few times? Yes, I keep a close eye on my visitors and I began to notice that MY ip address from work was coming up....when I wasn't there. My mother had been using my computer at work and "tripped across" my blog. I think we all know how catastrophic this can be.
I said to her "look, it's a public blog, I can't stop you from going on there. But you never snooped and read my diary when I was living at home, why would you want to read it now? it's public, but at the same time it's personal". She wasn't getting it. She felt slighted because she thought all my other friends were reading it, to which I explained that no one I know (in real life) really reads it. I have had friends ask for the address and I haven't given it because it might alter how or what I post. There's something therapeutic about ranting to an anonymous audience. She kinda didn't say much after that. Neither did I. I was pissed off. In fact it's pissing me off now just thinking about it. LOL
And if I am REALLY lucky she'll read this post! lol

Ah well. I have stew to fill my belly tonight. MMMMM....want some?

For a laugh go see this. If you are somehow easily offended, don't. I don't need angry spam from those lacking a sense of humour.

And I apologize for the long upload, but stay the course, it's good stuff.