Thursday, November 27, 2003
Gobble Gobble Gobble!!
First of all, I'd like to wish my American readers a Happy Thanksgiving. I really enjoyed mine this year, and I hope you do too. Safe travels to you and your family, and happy turkey eating. For an amusing spin on the matter, I suggest you pop over to Michele's site; she's dispensing "helpful" Thanksgiving advice. If you have a question or concern, let her help you out in her own special way. LOL.

As for me, I'm in a pretty agreeable mood so far today (of course I haven't gone into work yet, but let's try and be optimistic). I had a good night last night over at Princess Blondie's place, watching Survivor with her and her beau. I don't know WHAT it is about the show this year but I am way into it. I couldn't have given half a shit about the last 5 seasons (I watched the first one, I admit) but I sure got sucked into it bigtime this season. Anyway, Princess Blondie, still feeling slighted after last week's upset, tried to ignore the show and was reading her book off and on throughout. lol. You can't ignore it, try as you may, missy!!

Anyway, I woke up this morning troubled by a dream I had about my grandmother. I'm going to have to give her a call before I head to work and check up on her. I know, that sounds silly, but I unfortunately tend to put a lot of stock into my dreams. Sometimes it's better to just play it safe, ya know? Besides, gives me a good excuse to call her. :-)

Yesterday I called up a friend of mine, whose brother has been diagnosed with terminal cancer (I mentioned this before) to check up on her and her brother, and make sure she's holding up. We did the polite dance around the subject, talking mostly factually about it all, glossing over the emotions of it. Sounds cold, I know, but it's how people get through the hard times of cancer. You deal with facts because THAT you can more or less wrap your head around. She said he is getting chemotherapy every two weeks. I asked for how long, and she said "well....forever and ever". His cancer, as I said is terminal, but they are doing their best to buy him some time. I said nothing. I understand the need to hold on to hope, but I myself wouldn't put up the fight. Not if I'm going to be bed ridden my last months on earth. She says he sleeps a lot now, and spends a week with her and then a week with her parents. She has stopped after three weeks of hysterical crying about it all, and is beginning to come to terms with it. I told her I was here, as always, if there is anything I could do. I only wish there was. :-(

See what I meant in my previous post about quality time over quantity? It's a tough call, to be sure. And just because I wouldn't choose the treatment doesn't mean I don't understand and agree with someone who IS willing to try. I don't think anyone really knows until they are in that situation, and I don't think there is one answer for anyone. But I have seen the tail-end of cancer too many times to know what it looks like when you do heavy treatments. And I, unfortunately, have a bit of a pessimistic streak since no one in my family has survived cancer. I watch tv shows where they bring on all these wonderful people who have fought and survived cancer and always wonder how the hell THEY did it, and no one in my family did. I think we're cursed. lol.
So yeah, you got my view (and I'd still like your input, so go comment in my previous post). If things were grim, I would rather enjoy what time I have left. And in fact, I might just choose not to tell a soul I was sick, if that were the case. I'd rather laugh than cry, and I'd want the same for my friends and family. ;-)

That being said (sorry to be such a downer folks), I once again wish a Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating. And to those that aren't, I still encourage you to find a few things to be grateful for today. Maybe start with your health. *wink*