Saturday, November 01, 2003
bleh bleh!
Ah yes, I am finally home from my night of fun and frolic. It's 3am and I am basking in the Halloween afterglow. What a wicked-fun night! I just wanna say that I love my friends, I really do. What a great time....I can't remember when I've laughed so hard. And you know it's a good evening when it ends with me chasing one of my friends down the street, and he has no shirt on. And would you believe none of us had a drop to drink all night? Makes it tough to explain the running shirtless through the street....I'll leave it to your imagination. It's a good thing it was warm out today! haha...

So I got together with my 3 boys and off in our costumes we went. I was actually pretty happy with my Trinity costume. I had the perfect jacket, and I did some cool makeup, and I was lookin' kinda hot, if I do say so myself! So the three of us headed into downtown Toronto looking for adventure, and maybe a little trouble. We saw the movie Alien on the big screen, which was super amazing; I really wish they would re-release more old movies on the big screen. Superb movie. Always has been, always will be.

Then the four of us decided to go on a little walkabout, hitting the main drag through Toronto. And well...let's just say the freaks come out at night, especially on Halloween. It was SO MUCH FUN!! The streets were FILLED with people walking around (and this is about 12:30am), making Queen St look like a street party! It was a blast walking around and seeing all the costumes and stuff. We walked down to the Velvet Underground, but upon seeing the massive lineup decided not to bother waiting. We rather enjoyed walking around, so we resumed that activity. We walked and we walked until we couldn't walk anymore. Then we went back to a friends house, hung around on the street like a buncha hoodlums, I pet a stray cat that was walking around (she was gorgeous and had the most deliciously soft fur...her owner takes amazing care of her), and then chased my shirtless friend down the street.
What more can I ask for??? lol *grin* I love my homies.

*sigh* That's good, I really needed that coz my day went to hell, with work stressing me pretty bad.
But all that is a distant memory now. :-)

I gotta get up early in the morning, I have an appointment to see a condo. That's right, I'm gonna see one as IF I could ever possibly afford it. lol. Dare to dream, baby!!!!!!!
Sleep time for me. Hope you all had fun tonight!