Friday, October 31, 2003
chilly scary!!
First of all, HAPPY HALLOWEEN to everybody. If you don't do Halloween where you are, feel free to read about it here if you are interested. :-)
My plans for tonight seem scattered. I'm getting together with three of my guy friends, this much I know. Will I be in costume? Looks doubtful. I might decide at the last minute to be Trinity (from The Matrix, for those living under a rock), but that's such a cop-out. I would only be doing it because the guys will be in costume and I'd feel like an idiot being the only one who is NOT sporting one. As Trinity I could pull together a half-assed costume that would be passable, but not great. It will suffice. And with the third movie coming out next week, it seems appropriate. I just hate the idea of running into a million other Trinity's out there, which I will, and whose costumes will no doubt look better than mine making me really realize what a half-assed effort I put into mine. LOL. Ah well, who cares. As long as I go out and have fun with da boys. :-D Looks like we are going to see the re-release of Alien and then go to the Velvet Underground afterwards for a little dancing and music. Should be fun. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that the temperature supposed to reach a whopping 20C (68F) here today!!! What a great night it'll be for Halloween!!!!!!!

In other news, I just spent...oh...I guess maybe 45 minutes on Grocery Gateway putting in my giant grocery order. What can I say, it's going to be a huge order and I didn't feel like carrying in a million groceries in all by myself. I spent a whopping $154! That's what happens when you don't buy groceries for two months because you're waiting for a new fridge. So I'm pretty excited about getting some fresh food in my house and into my deprived body. With work draining me lately, it couldn't come at a better time. The groceries are getting delivered to my door between 1-2:30pm tomorrow. Woohoo!! :-D

Off to work, you kids have fun today!!!