Wednesday, October 22, 2003
words escape me
First of all, what the hell is Blogger up to? This is NOT good....I'm sensing I am gonna lose posts in the near future, because they seem to be doing some kinda behind-the-scenes changes. When I logged in to write this post, the whole format is different, but not in that good way. lol This is NOT what it looked like 6 hours ago, BLOGGER WHAT ARE YOU DOING??

Anyway, we have pindar works = odes. nice job, Franca and whaduiwant. I still don't have deep matter? _ _ _ or Huckster _ _ _ _ . If Mysteron would get online I'm fairly confident she could get at least one or two of these.

here's what we need:

beginnings of some pranks _ _ _ _ S

ideology _ _ _ _ _

monotonous routine _ _ _ _

word of hearty concurrence _ _ _ _

(as well as the previously mentioned huckster and deep matter. get to, kids! put your thinking caps on!)

Maybe I should be getting ready for work instead of writing posts. :-/
Nah, I think I'm gonna call my buddy in England.

have a nice day folks, see you tonight.