Wednesday, October 22, 2003
long day with both work and play
Finally finished work. Didn't get out of there until 8pm or so, but that's alright, I had a good day at work. Can you believe that I actually like my job? I like it when it gets all busy like this and I put in crazy long days, working insane hours. It's good, it keeps me busy. Next week I'm going to start to head out on the road....maybe Montreal, Windsor, and other such exciting Canadian destinations. Happy happy. It's good to have a good day at work. :-D
(we'll see if I'm this cheery about it tomorrow...I gotta get up at 5:30am. lol)

Now let's talk about my buddy whom I adore very much. We'll call her by her online name, Princess Blondie. Hey, when ya got it, flaunt it, right? Don't hate her coz she's beautiful. Hate her coz she's beautiful AND smart AND funny. LOL!! Anyway, she lives in my building, and in fact lives right across the hall from me. You might recall that she went to the E.S.P Expo with me on Saturday and then out for lunch afterwards... Anyway, this morning before I went to work we got to chatting online and made plans to head to Zellers to do a little shopping before I went downtown. Yes, we live 10 feet from each other and made plans online, what's your point?! So we went to Zellers and got some air freshener and Swiffer dusters. Good time had by all. Then we went to the DOLLAR STORE. Oh how I love the dollar store. I bought many things there. Some things that I needed..some things I just thought I needed.
Am I boring you?
Ok, getting to the point. Princess Blondie has a journal and I encourage you all to drop by and check it out. She's a cool cat. And she is my Avon lady now, so for that reason I love her just that much more. LOL. Go show her some lovin' too! I'll include a link to her in my blogroll as well, so you can find her later. :-)

*sigh* Life is good ladies and is good.

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