Tuesday, June 27, 2006
where *am* I??


It's a little after 3am and believe me, I'm not up coz I wanna be. I have a flight to catch in a few hours. I'd love to write a deeply insightful post for you but my days have gone something like this..

Thursday: drive 2 hours north, stopping at stores and working along the way. Stay at Grandma's for the night.

Friday: wake up with a blinding migraine and hit the road at 7:30am and drive and additional 2.5 hours north and back (coz who doesn't love driving for 5 hours in construction?), work for 6 hours hours in between that time making for one helluva long day. Stay at Grandma's again.

Saturday:Wake at 5:45am (coz apparently old people don't need to sleep) and open fishing season by hitting the lake at 7am. Proceed to catch many bass, none of which are large enough to keep for dinner. This secretly makes me happy but annoys my grandma.

Sunday: drive 2 hours south, back home. Hang out with the parents, go home for a couple of hours and then get back in the car at 7pm and drive 3.5 hours to a town in the eastern end of Ontario. Stay the night.

Monday: drive 3.5 hours back home, working along the way. work doesn't end until about 7pm at which time I stop by my friend's house to see his 6 day old baby boy. hold baby and coo for an hour, then head home. order pizza, go to bed a little after 10pm.

Today: despite alarm being set for 3:45am I am incapable of sleeping until then and get up early. must post instead.

ta da.
Tres exciting, non? *snore*
Hey, I never promised an exciting post at this hour.

Ok, so I am off to New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island until Friday (those would be provinces on the east coast of Canada, for those not in the know). I can hardly wait for the photo op! I'll bring back all kinds of pics to share and no doubt some good stories. Have a good week, folks!