Thursday, June 01, 2006
'I once got so angry I put a whole army to sleep'
Beware, rant ahead....

Let me start by saying that I am, and have always been, a loyal Nokia consumer. I just like their phones, what can I say? When I got a new phone in December I got a Samsung that had all the bells and whistles and shiny colour screen and all that good stuff. I hated it and returned it a few days later and downgraded to a Nokia that I liked better. The guy at the phone store couldn't understand why I would take an 'inferior' phone but it was really quite simple... I don't *need* all those damn bells and whistles, I just need to be able to make a few calls and text people and the Nokia phone was better at it.

Alright, so you get my point; I like Nokia.

Now then, over the years I have been somewhat at odds with using a headset for my cellphones. At least once or twice a day I would get them caught on something and have them yank on my ear (which hurts and sends me from zero to furious in a millisecond and causes me to swear a blue streak) or I got them caught when getting out of the car and inevitably the cord would get ruined. Once the cord is ruined they are pretty much useless because people begin to complain that you cut in and out of the conversation (based on how the cord is positioned at any given moment). Anyway! With my job and very extended time spent on a cellphone (which gets hot the longer you are on it, and who wants that next to her head?) it was clear that I was going to have to give in to using a headset again.

At first I bought one on eBay because I am admittedly cheap. I find it ridiculous that a headset costs $30 especially given the phenomenal rate at which I go through them. I don't know why I bothered to buy one on eBay because past experience has taught me that you get what you pay for and indeed the headset I got just couldn't deliver the volume loud enough for me to hear people on the other end. And so began my hunt for a Nokia headset.

Long story short, I tried every cellphone place around town and could not find one. Everyone was out of stock and had no intention of restocking anytime soon; nobody buys these 'inferior' phones anymore, afterall. *sigh*

Finally I went on the Nokia Canada website and ordered the nicer of the two headsets available for my cellphone. I figured this was an investment in my work and I wanted to get the best damn Nokia product for my little 'inferior' phone. I submitted my credit card info and shipping address and was very happy to see that shipping would be free. With taxes my total was $34.95. Yeeha! I should have the headset in a week or two at the most.

"Thank you again for shopping at We are currently processing your order. Your selection is summarized in the order detail listed below.
You will receive an e-mail notification once your order has been shipped.
If you have questions or comments, you can refer to our customer support.
Please e-mail us at: or call us at 1-888-22-NOKIA."

Oddly, shortly after I placed the order I got a call from my credit card company asking if I had just ordered something online from Nokia. I told them that yes I had and that they were authorized to charge my card in the amount of $35. (how does an online order seem fishy but me gallivanting all over Israel and England last year with my credit card doesn't seem strange at all?? Top notch security, Visa!) Anyway, Visa said they were just checking and so I gave them the all clear. I appreciate them keeping an eye on my card even if I find the timing bizarre.

Here ends the happy part of the tale. All that took place on May 3rd. Yesterday I began to wonder just where the hell my headset was as it had been almost a month. I went on the website and found a 1-800 number and called them. The woman was pretty much anti-useful and told me I would have to write Nokia in order to have them track my order. Wtf? Why have a phone number for your consumers? Fine, I'll email them (though look out, coz I'm pissed off now):

"It has been nearly a month and I have still not received my order. I called Nokia and was told to email you because they couldn't help me. As much as I enjoy being bounced around I would just as soon have someone help me out by tracking the order and letting me know where it is. This has been a ridiculous waiting time and I need that headset for work.

order # EC 1651

Please and thank you for any help"

Impressively quickly I got a reply:

"As part of our security process we verify user details from our online orders with those on record with the credit card issuing bank or institution. In your case these details could not be verified and as a result your order was cancelled and a refund issued on May 8th. We receive a high volume of attempted fraudulent transactions and as a result we have to be very black and white in these matters. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience. Best regards,"

What??? SAY WHAT?????????? I snapped.

"Wow, thanks for not letting me know and keeping me guessing. You have taken me from being the most loyal of customers to Nokia, to never wanting to deal with you again. I received a phone call from my credit card company about this transaction to which I gave my approval so I can only wonder what went wrong. Once again, it was incredibly poor customer service to not let your customer know that the order had been cancelled; it was my first and last time ordering anything online from Nokia. First impressions count."

And here we are now, with me doing what any good blogger would do..... I'm blogging about it. Partly to get it off my chest and partly to vent my newfound hate towards Nokia. No, not hate.... hurt. I feel betrayed! My years of love have just been spit upon! Show me the love Nokia!! I have stood by you for years! Defended my 'inferior' phone when others laughed at me because I couldn't take pictures or listen to music! I didn't care because I loved you and your phones. And now I am left wondering what the hell went wrong.

Today I start shopping for a new phone and never go back to Nokia. Today I tell you all about it so that you too may turn your back on Nokia. And today I send Mr "Best Regards," the link to this post in my blog so he may know that I have shared my tale of woe with the world.