Monday, May 29, 2006
ya zoom zoom zoom
I'm slowly coming to the realization that being on the road is more the norm than the exception in my life now. Yes, I disappeared for a week, thanks to yet another whirlwind week of activities. Work is really cramping my blogging style, lemme tell ya.

Last week when I coloured my hair (it looks lovely, thank you for asking) I had someone from out of town stay with me for several days, and then that friend left only to have another friend and her dad come into town for the day. After that I was busy working my ass off including working at 7am on Saturday morning (*choke*). And that brings me to now.... 2:30am on a Monday morning and doing paperwork before I hit the road again tomorrow for an overnight trip out of town. Then I'm back Wednesday and back up north on Thursday through Saturday. Mm-mm! Driving, driving, driving! You'd think with all this traveling I'd have some stories to share, wouldn't ya? I'll have to work on that this week...

Speaking of up north.... likin' that picture there? That would be at my grandma's place. Sweet lake, no? Makes it all worth it when I get to stop there for a time out during my crazy travels. For a few more awesome pics go to my photoblog.

See ya in a few days! (with a more exciting post, I promise!)