Monday, June 05, 2006
playing dress-up
My weekend was one filled with a little work and a little play. Somehow I got suckered into working on both Sunday and Saturday, but not for the whole day or anything. Still, I clearly need to learn to say no or I'll never get a weekend off.

As you can see from the picture, I got together this weekend with my childhood girlfriends for dress fittings; one of the girls is getting married in November and I am one of the bridesmaids. The blue outfit you see (go ahead and click the thumbnail for the larger image if you like) is what I will actually be wearing except it will be a red satin, not blue. You'll also notice another friend of mine hiding, half dressed, behind the curtain in the background. hahaha .... we had a good time, even if it did involve me having to get into a dress.

Just for the hell of it I even tried on the pinkest frilliest dress in the shop. I felt like Barbie as I stood in this giant caketopper-like frock. "I feel pretty! Oh-so pretty!". Once again, I thought of ocB when I was wearing it, since she has a special hate in her heart for pink. I made sure my friend took a picture because that's about the most girlie thing I have worn in my *life* and perhaps ever again. Maybe I should print it out and frame it for my mother...

Happy Monday Morning, everyone!