Friday, May 19, 2006
dye without the tie
As I am sitting here I have hair colour brewing in my hair. Yes, I decided it was time and that I have had enough of my grey hair. Actually, that's not entirely true... my grey hairs weren't really bothering me but after a talk with my hair dresser yesterday some decisions were made. I had told him that I would keep my hair super short for the summer but come autumn I wanted to start growing it out and I wanted his help to keep me from hating the process and crying when my hair gets ugly. Let's face it, growing hair out is never a pretty sight. During the course of the conversation I told him how much I hate my dry curly hair and how it felt like hay and he gently explained that the grey had a lot to do with it (*ouch!*). He also said that if I grow my hair out I'm really going to want to hide those greys because although it looks kinda funky with my short hair it won't look so funky with long hair. I will look older than I am. Ugh, I had to agree.

So here I am with dye in my hair this morning. I figure I might as well get the hang of it now and I just wasn't willing to pay $50 to have so little hair done at the salon. The final clincher for deciding to do it was when my hair dresser said that dyeing hair often softens up the greys. *sigh* Fine, I'll dye my damn hair. "Oh, and go darker, so your grey is covered.... too light and it will look nasty when the greys fade first." *gulp* Now I remember why I had resisted this for so long. What a pain in the ass!

I had dyed my hair once before.... a looooong time ago.... and I had learned my lesson then. (or so I thought!) Back in the day I decided that my hair should be black. I always felt that black was the colour I *should* have been born with since my dad has black hair. So one day I enlisted the help of a friend and black it was. Did I mention that I had long thick hair back then? Long story short... I went berserk when the roots started coming in all medium brown in colour with black hair everywhere else. It looked horrible, but I didn't want to dye it black again. I was in the black trap. Eventually all my other girlfriends took mercy on me and chipped in the funds for me to go to a salon to have it "taken care of". $300 later and endless hours in the chair I came out with something sort of resembling my own hair colour (not before it was an orange colour after stripping the black out. I cried). It was horrible and my hair was so ruined by the stripping process that it eventually lead to me cutting all my hair off.

So why on earth am I doing it again?! Wow, even I'm wondering after reading that! Well, I figure in a worse case scenario I can cut it all out in a month.... my hair is short and grows super fast. This time if I don't like it I just have to wait a few weeks and cut it out and make like it never happened. But who knows.... I might actually really like it! I guess in about 15 mins I'll find out....

Have a great weekend everyone! Shabat Shalom!