Thursday, June 08, 2006
blog - a four letter word

Is it pathetic that I am actually considering buying a tape recorder that I can keep in my car to record things that I want to blog about later? I have a real short memory you see, and lots of amusing things happen while I am on the road, but I always forget them by the time I get to my computer. Plus, with the amount of hours I spend on the road I get lots of time to think about stuff; sometimes deep, sometimes not so much.

My new car is fantastic, I'm sure you're dying to know. In less than a week I put 1200 km (746 miles) on my new car, which pretty much tells you the kind of abuse this poor thing is going to get under my ownership. My ass is also much happier with this new car which has been especially great given the amount of time I spend in the car. Happy butt, happy driver!

So let's see... where have I been this week that has kept me away from blogging? I was on the road again, up north, for a couple of days. A shocker, I know. I did some training sessions up north and got to spend a bit of time with grandma again. Ya gotta like a job that allows me to cast my fishing line in for a bit before heading into work. And again when I come back from dinner before going back to work at night. *grin* I even caught me two fish, oh yes I did! (smallmouth bass, if you're wondering) Fishing season hasn't legally opened yet though, so back in the water they went (which makes me happier than putting them in frying pan anyway, much to the shagrin of my grandma).

So I have been home long enough to do a little laundry, tidy the home a bit, and then tomorrow I fly to Montreal to spend a little quality time among the French. I'm trying to get over my loathing for the French.... so far it's going swimmingly. I might learnt o get along with the French yet!

I gotta say, life is pretty good for me right now.... my blog was so much more interesting when I was angst ridden. My job is great and I'm loving it; things are looking good and I may even be given more responsibility in the near future. I love my new home and my new car and I have a new love in my life. What more could a girl ask for? I have the world by the ass and I am enjoying every minute of it. Of course this all comes with a hint of paranoia as to when "the other shoe will drop" as I am forever in fear that things are going too well in my life and something is bound to go wrong. But for now I am just going to ride this wave....

If I don't get a chance to put up a quick post tomorrow, have a great weekend. If you want to see more pictures that I took while up north head on over to my photoblog; I took some amazing pics, if I do say so myself. Enjoy!