Thursday, June 15, 2006
Know what makes me sad? The fact I will never be able to talk about certain stuff on here. When I first started this blog I had intended to keep it away from people I know "in real life" in order to allow me to be anonymous enough to share all my deep dark secrets, but as happens with blogs, friends and family have come across this blog. Some have confessed to me that they were reading and when I gently asked them not to read it, they stopped. Others read it and despite my asking them to step forward, refuse to admit to it. I accept a lot of the blame for people I know reading it.... I had mentioned I had a blog several times in passing, and people are naturally curious. It doesn't take a whole lot of Googling to find this blog, ya know? So I know I am to blame as well. But it's like a diary.... just because you found it doesn't mean you should read it when you know the other person doesn't want you to.

In an effort to separate the two worlds I had created a separate "friends and family" blog when I went on my trip to Israel last September, which was (and still is) virtually the same as this blog. It's not published on any public Blogger pages or found by Googling, so I am free to be more open about some subjects on there and use my real name. So I talk about work on there more than here (but still don't give too much info for fear of repercussions, coz you never know) but generally have discussed things like my love life more on this blog than with my entire family (and anyone *they* have given the blog to... like my grandma's cleaning lady!! you see my point.) on the other blog.

However, I have noticed recently that someone in the North Bay/Markstay region of Ontario is happily going from one blog to the other when checking up to see if I've posted recently. I know some things about this individual (like the fact that Sympatico is the internet provider) but I can't pinpoint exactly *who* it is. I have some idea, but before I go off like a rocket and blame someone I need to do a little more research. Meanwhile it really chaps my ass that someone is reading boths blogs when I have specifically asked friends and family to grant me my space and privacy. I know, foolish to ask when the blog is so public.

In the end, even if the person confesses to reading my blog it will forever make me realize that there are certain things I will never be able to discuss on here.... and that just sucks. I guess you'll just have to use your fertile imagination about how wonderful my love life is. hahahaha...

Anyway, I was in Montreal all weekend and now I am back out on the road and off for another 5 hour car trip and overnight stay and then 5 hour trek back tomorrow. Ah, life on the road.... must find a way to sneak some play in there amongst the work....