Monday, May 08, 2006
cell phones BAD.
I'm having a stroke at the moment.
I just looked at my online bill for my cell phone.... it's over $800. Gah. *choke*

I called my cell phone provider in the hopes that there was some kind of mistake.. apparently there isn't. *chokechoke* The lesson here? If you're going to date someone, date someone who lives in your own area code. Ok? Or watch your minutes, but really who does that? Not me, obviously.

Anyway! I am still heavily embroiled in work and worked much of the day on Saturday. By Saturday afternoon I was feeling severely burnt out, the likes of which I haven't felt since I started this job and we were working 16 hour days. In this case it's not so much that the days are long as much as they are never ending. One day off a week when doing evenings and weekends is clearly not enough for me. I was pretty crusty by the time I left the store I was working in on Saturday after a marathon training session in which I repeated my 2 hour shtick THREE times to different staff that rotated into the training session. I was ready to snap and was sick and tired of saying the same thing over and over. Can't wait to do it again this week! I head out of town later this week for 3 or 4 days.... coz the only thing better than working a million days in a row is doing it away from home! hahaha.. ha..... ha. *sigh*

Sunday was my day off and I was determined to play as hard as I worked (a philosophy I learned from watching my big brother). Early Sunday morning I met up with all geek friends and headed to the big toy show for a bit of frivolous shopping. Some may recall that last year at this show I finally got my IDF soldier I was looking for and was all kinds of happy. This year I picked up his buddy, the paratrooper, and now I'm happy all over again. Nothing like a girl and her (super hunky Israeli) dolls!

After the toy show my friends and I did our usual trip to Swiss Chalet for some chicken goodness and replay of the events of the day (often involving a discussion of the high level of stink many of the geeks at these shows exude, and which one was stinkiest). As near as we can figure these nerds only leave their mama's basements a few times a year to come out to shows and don't feel that showering is a requirement. *gag*

Post toy show and meal I had me a little nap to get ready for another outing last night with an old friend of mine to a show being put on in Toronto called Neutrino. It's this crazy improvisational show in which they film a movie while you watch it; they entertain you for 10 minutes while the cast takes an audience idea and runs off into the streets of Toronto to make a movie about it. Then after ten minutes the first parts of the footage and rushed in, edited and played for you while they continue on filming. So just as you finish the first chunk they filmed they already have the second one loaded and running right after it! It becomes a seamless movie as they continue to bring in new footage as you are watching. It's amazing and really fun. It's also been run in various other cities (New York, Chicago, Seattle, Detroit, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C) so if you happen to hear about it playing in your town I suggest you check it out for a really different experience.

Well.... that's about it for me for now. Before I go I do want to mention that my battle with the Big Mac rages on. I have managed to overcome two more seriously bad cravings and have diverted my attention with submarine sandwiches instead (290 calories is much better than 560).
celestial blue = 3 Big Mac = 0
Why do I want a nasty Big Mac so bad!!?? Ick!! I will not let the Big Mac ruin my efforts to eat well, damnit!!

Have a good week everyone!