Thursday, April 27, 2006
she's alive! Alive I tell you, ALIVE!!!
I know, I know.... where have I been? Just as I promise the dust has settled it seems to get kicked up again. With a friend coming in from out of town for the weekend last Friday I was doing the mad dash to get moved into my apartment and settled in. Only last Thursday did I finally sleep my first night in my new home. The next 4 days were spent with company and with an internet setup that simply wasn't functioning. I won't even get into details on what was wrong with it, but I will offer this bit of advice: when calling internet tech support, if you do not get it fixed with the first tech support agent call back and try again. Three agents later (and me about to cancel my internet) I finally got the right guy who fixed my situation in 2 minutes flat. I was enraged and thrilled all at the same time. *shrug*

I am in my own home now and slowly settling in and making it my own. My father has helped me tremendously by building me everything from a closet organizer to a kick-ass entertainment unit for my tv. Work hasn't settled down quite as I had hoped because I now have to go out and train all kinds of people in over 30 stores; a rather time-consuming task given that some stores are 4 hours away. Once the training is done things will finally, FINALLY, begin to settle down. Yeah, I know... I've said that before.

I feel like I should be saying more in this post.... perhaps commenting on world events, the birth of TomKitten or Holocaust Remembrence Day, but it feels too heavy. I am out of blogging practice and I need to ease back in. Just know that it *has* been on my mind.... as have all of you! Thanks for checking back, I know I haven't offered much in the way of entertainment.

Here... how about a picture of the view from my new balcony! (for those even remotely familiar with the Toronto area, that is Yonge Street south.... and waaaaay off in the distance there is the CN Tower).

Now I am off to work a bit more and then pack for another road trip. I'm heading up north to combine work with pleasure; I have a store setup and training session Friday/Saturday... and I'll be seeing my sweet grandma. Always good for the soul. I won't be able to post again until probably Sunday night..... see you then! No really!! *wink*