Friday, February 24, 2006
check your head
Well, the week is over and I am at the tail end of my sinus infection. At one point I was blowing my nose for 10 minutes straight, NO LIE!, in an effort to clear it. I blew, grabbed another Kleenex, blew again, grabbed another Kleenex, etc etc.. My cat started looking at me with great concern as it seemed like it was never going to end. When it did my nose was raw and a bit bloody (yummy imagery, I know!)

Anyway! I am getting ready this weekend for a big ole sales meeting/conference down in Texas next week, and am doing my best to plan my packing so that I do not overpack (as we women are prone to doing). It's tough because I have to wear something warm to the airport, only to not use it for the whole week I'm there. According to the forecast it's gonna be plenty warm in San Antonio. Yeeha!!

Before I leave you, here is a round up of links you might enjoy. I'll try and post again this weekend before I take off for the land of cowboy boots and oil.
Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

- Some of you may be aware of my obsession with the Magic Bullet. It is an ongoing love affair that I hope one day to see fulfilled (perhaps when I get my new apartment). Along with that I have a new obsession for yet another exciting infomercial product called the Sonic Blade. Like the Magic Bullet, I watch the infomercial every time I come across it while flipping channels. I must have them!!!

- How To Be Annoying Online (in case you need help)

- I got the strangest damn spam in my email I have EVER seen in my life. I don't even know what the hell they were trying to sell me, but here was the body of the message:
"carefully beautiful appearance, disappoint light added? hard bought how evening.
gym leader edge? explain tying benefit motor fire. carefully respect is miserable music. find speaking whom turning. not bad filled we? development nothing whom find very next?
he profession whom nothing. drew rich thus make.drew find next parents leader? thus night servants here fire." WTF????????

- Clowns are scary, let's face it. Now you can create your own scary clowns with this Evil Clown Generator.

- Are you a Lord of the Rings fan? If so you might find these "Very Secret Diaries" amusing.

- There is an *awesome* new website out there to help you plan some fun around Israel, called Tel Aviv Guide. Be sure to visit and bookmark it for planning your next trip (or first one!). I only wish I had this when I went!

- Some very cool and abstract peace posters over at Another Poster For Peace.

- my very favourite Calvin and Hobbes can be found here at the Calvin and Hobbes Snow Art Gallery. I laugh outloud every single time.

- I have NO idea what this is but it. is. AWESOME.

- Can you tell the difference between a serial killer (not to be mistaken with a cereal killer) and a programming language inventor? Find out here.

- If you love 80's arcade games than this site is for you. You can thank me later.

- Everything you to need to know in the event of a terror attack. (be warned, this is very tongue-in-cheek, so if you have delicate sensibilities don't bother going on to come come back and bitch at me)

- I bought the best tasting cookies I have ever eaten in my life. And here I bought them coz they were healthy!!! (which we all know usually results in icky tasting food) Sorry my American friends, this is likely only available in Canada, but if you sweet talk me, maybe I'll send you some. I love them so much I wrote them an email to thank them for making me so happy.