Wednesday, February 08, 2006
last night in New York state
Let me just say this, and I mean it..... I had the best meal of my LIFE last night. So happy was I, that I told the manager (twice) the waitress (more times than I can count) and I made the waitress tell the chef, just how yummy the meal was. AND I wrote a note on the paper on the table outlining just how deeply happy the food made me. I have never had one meal make me so happy that I became a grinning fool.

The restaurant was Biaggis in Rochester New York, and the meal of choice was a "Savory meat filled ravioli tossed in a brown butter / sage sauce with toasted pine nuts, tomatoes and fresh spinach". For dessert I had the creme brulee, always a favourite of mine. The ravioli was beyond delicious and was the absolute *perfect* portion size; it was enough to fill me up, but not uncomfortably so. I felt satiated without feeling bloated or stuffed. The dessert was the perfect ending to the perfect meal and I was positively brimming with joy. I know I sounded completely silly, but I couldn't stop raving about how good my dinner was and the waitress just laughed and thanked me for making her day (and I in turn thanked her for making mine). I told the manager that his restaurant and crew were amazing and to keep up the good work.


Just reliving it is making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

My joy continued today as I managed to make a pitstop to Wegmans in order to do a little food shopping; my shopping of choice when in the States. As many of you know, I am a connoisseur of cereal and so my main purchase of this trip, no big surprise, was cereal (more boxes than I care to admit to). I mean sure, in Canada we have Lucky Charms but we don't have chocolate Lucky Charms or Berry Lucky Charms!!! One of each please! I also picked up a few food requests from a friend of mine who shares the same love of cereal (and other hard-to-find food items) as I do. I can't wait to cross the border with 6 boxes of cereal in my car, two boxes of cookies and 4 giant bottles of pop. That should make for an interesting conversation with the border guard.

All in all it has been a great week here in New York. My co-workers and training has been fabulous and I am feeling really great about my new job. I am anxious to get as much training under my belt as I can so that I can get ready to start into the really hard work (store set ups) next month.

I also got a call from the people at the apartment complex I am looking to move in with and am told there is an apartment available for me on April 1st, right on schedule. I am going to check it out on Friday to make sure I like it (it's only on the second floor, I was hoping for something higher up) and if it's a go I will begin the process of packing up and moving. Yeeha!!!

Tomorrow I will be with the district manager for this area until about noon and then I am heading back up to Canada (with a pitstop at a store I need to speak with and take photos of). In other words, I will be home in time for Survivor. hahaha.... very important, ya know!
See you all when I get back.

P.S. yes, the snow did eventually come.. in fact, it hasn't much stopped. Why can't I get this snow back home??