Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Valentine's Day in a hotel room in Florida
Well, here I am in Florida. I arrived in Atlanta, Georgia yesterday afternoon after a harrowing flight that had my stomach in my throat nearly the whole time. And I swear to god I nearly lifted out of my seat we dropped so far at one point. In other words, it was a rough ride and I am *not* a good flyer to begin with.

The flight from Atlanta to Tampa was smoother, with me only freaking out at the very end. I attribute it to a bigger plane (the first flight was a 50 seater, the second flight over 300 seats), but I gotta tell ya..... I'm becoming more and more nervous about flying as I get older for some reason. It seemed to happen when I left England to come home last November. And how sad is it that I actually thought to myself "I wish ocB was still doing the airline thing and was on this plane with me, coz she could calm me down". hahahaha..... I love it when I think about bloggers in "real life" terms.

Anyway, as soon as I landed I was scooped up by the district manager for this area and taken on a 3 hour car ride to the other side of Florida. *groan* When we got there I got to my hotel, went out for dinner, came back and crashed into bed early. Today we did a new store setup, drove over 3 hours back and now I am back at another hotel. I plan on chilling out and watching a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica I brought with me.

For those celebrating, have a Happy Valentine's Day. If you're a Star Wars geek you will appreciate these Star Wars Valentine's cards. (speaking of which, I am saddened to hear that Uncle Owen has passed away (he's the one in the postcard below). I love you Uncle Owen!! )