Monday, February 06, 2006
reporting from New York
Well, it has certainly been a fun little adventure here in the fine state of New York! My drive down across the border wasn't nearly as bad as the weatherman had all of us believing it would be. When I reached Niagara Falls (NY) I found a ghost town; as I drove down the street there wasn't another car to be seen. The restaurants were also empty. The Superbowl was on and everybody was at home or the bars watching it. The town was so empty it was spooky.

After I checked into my hotel I went across the street to the only restaurant I could find nearby. I made friends with the guy working there, as he was happy just to have a customer (I was only the fourth such customer in 6 hours. he was bored.). We chatted it up and really hit it off, and as it turns out he's Canadian and just crosses the border to work. We swapped emails and wished each other a good night and I went back to my room to crash.

Today I met up with a co-worker/manager and we drove around checking out stores and training me. It was great, I get along well with him (along with my boss, he was the other guy present for my interview). At the end of the day we met up with another co-worker/rep and had dinner. I will be working with her for the next two days so it was nice to meet her first. She and I are staying in the same hotel, and since she stays here often, she sweet talked the front desk and got me a really nice room. I have sexy suite, complete with separate bedroom with a tv, a living room with a tv, and a full kitchen (fridge with ice maker, 2 stove elements, pots, pans, microwave and a sink with a garberator!) with a nice eating table. After I am done here maybe I'll watch some tv on the couch... or chair with ottoman. hahaha... or maybe I'll do my paperwork. :-/ Tomorrow we will be back on the road, but tomorrow night I get to stay in this amazing room again. Sweet!! They even left me some popcorn for the microwave!

Before I go let me express my disgust with the Muslims continued overreation to the Danish cartoon. While I appreciate that they found the cartoon offensive, I do not believe that it warrants riots and burning of consulates and embassies. It seems to me that the Muslims are a pot ready to boil over and this was just the excuse they were looking for to finally pop. And if everybody in the world reacted that way every time they were insulted, imagine what a world we'd be living in! I'm not saying it was right to print the cartoon, but I *am* saying that the reaction that followed wasn't right either. Two wrongs do NOT make a right, folks

But more importantly I find it ridiculous (though not surprising) that the Muslims, in retaliation, printed a cartoon of Anne Frank (Holocaust victim) in bed with Hitler. How the Muslims shifted the blame to Jews when it was a Danish cartoon is beyond me, but it's not the first or last time that they find a way to blame/implicate Jews. *ho hum*

And don't even get me started on Iran. Ucch. I'm too happy basking in the glow of my new job.

P.S. my New York trainer/manager said "all's" today. It's an American thing??