Saturday, February 04, 2006
Working with Americans, PT 2
Well, I have survived my first week on the job and it was a breeze compared to what the next two months hold for me. I will be on the road almost non-stop now until the end of March.

My time spent with my American boss has been fabulous and amusing. I have noticed that he has a bizarre habit of saying "all's" with amazing frequency. I can't tell yet if this is indicative of my boss or folks from Michigan in general (perhaps my readers can help me sort this out). I'll give you a couple of examples of it's use: "All's you gotta do is fill out this form" or "All's you need to know is width and height". I have been mulling this over and trying to decide it's origin; assuming that I have spelled it correctly (all's and not alls) it would suggest that it is a contracted word (isn't, contracted from "is not", for instance) though for the life of me I can't figure out what words were contracted to get that mutant abbreviation. I have even tried to come up with a bad grammar scenario (like when people write/say "should of" when really it's "should've") but I still can't come up with a workable theory. Hey, at least with "eh" we have a very good explanation for it's use.

Anyway, make no mistake, I really like my boss a lot. He's been great to work with and we developed a comfortable rapport. He is back in Michigan now and I won't see him again until Texas at a sales convention at the end of February. Much of Thursday and all of Friday I was working on my own, as will be the case once my training is complete and I am on my own. I will work from home and travel all over Ontario.

Speaking of which, I am heading down to Buffalo, New York, tomorrow afternoon. Lucky for me a big snow storm will be hitting right about the time I am driving through that area. We actually got a taste of it up here in Toronto today which is really annoying when I am fixing to go on a road trip. Where was the snow the past few weeks when we have had nothing but rain (and plenty of it)?? How is it that the *one* time I actually don't want there to be snow, a storm rolls in? Tsk.

What all this means is that I may or may not be blogging until Thursday or Friday when I return from the States. I will be taking my laptop with me and there is a strong possibility the hotel will have an internet connection, but I have no way of knowing for sure until I get there. So don't fret if I disappear for a few days.

Before I go:

- Brokeback To The Future. Brilliant and funny as all hell.

- while he is no William Shatner, David Hasselhoff is definitely a close second with this little gem.

- Muslims are outraged by a cartoon depicting their religion negatively?? Oh cry me a river... what about all those anti-Semitic cartoons that have been floating around for decades?? (many by Arabs, not surprisingly) Ya don't see Jews rioting and burning down embassies, now do you?

- Just what is Scientology all about? Here is an explanation of where it all began, with an alien named Xenu. Yes, seriously. After you read that feel free to check out Wikipedia's page about it for more interesting information. Scarier than any movie out in the theatre, guaranteed! (curious for even more info? plenty can be found here. you may also wish to try Scientology Kills. you STILL want more? try here; that oughtta keep you busy for months) Yes, Scientology even talks about how ignorant Israelis are.

- wondering where the phrase "mad as a wet hen" came from? Find that one and more with The Phrase Finder.

- what in HELL would make someone take a Magic 8 Ball apart??

- is your favourite tv show on the brink of "jumping the shark"? Find out here.

- Ten Second Films. Surely you have 10 seconds to watch one, don't you?? Got the time for a full length feature? Go here for some streamed movie goodness.

- they are funny coz they're true: Movie Cliches.

- I like stuff. You like stuff? Here's some Ubercool stuff.

- I ask you... is there ANYTHING cuter than Baby Animals??? I think not.

- killed by a lava lamp?? yes, it's the Darwin Awards!

Ok, I am outta here.... see you all as soon as I can get back online. Wish me luck driving in the snow and across the border.