Sunday, February 12, 2006
can you handle the truth?
I can't write much, I am trying to hurry and pack; I leave for Tampa, Florida tomorrow morning. I am in a hurry and trying to pack now because I have been obsessing all day over a conspiracy theory; the Sept 11th conspiracy theory. I was once skeptical but now I am filled with doubt and questions about what happened.

I leave with you two videos to watch if you want to open your eyes and minds to the possibility that we were sold a lie. I would love to see an open and intelligent debate of the ideas and facts presented and I don't want to see right wingers come on here and beating on left wingers without watching the videos (which happened often after the Fahrenheit 9/11 fiasco). Watch it and then you can argue intelligently.

The first video is a really short one and deals only with the Pentagon strike. Try that one for starters.

The second video is *much* more lengthy but offers incredibly compelling ideas and footage never really seen before. I have watched it 3 times now. If you are as compelled by the video as I am check out the website Loose Change. Also, check out 911 Truth Movement.

So go to it, share your thoughts and play fair.

I'll write when I get to Florida. See ya!