Saturday, December 24, 2005
is it over yet?
So, Christmas is tomorrow and Chanukah begins tomorrow night. Worlds colliding!! I have been watching the news of the Christian enslaught in Bethlehem which always makes me happy for some reason. I guess I'm just happy that the tourists haven't been scared off.

I have been dropping hints to family and friends about what I'd like if they need last minute suggestions. I nearly bought myself the most wonderful cereal bowls ever until I remembered that this was about shopping for *other* people, not myself. But come on, we all know how much I love cereal and these bowls were perfect; matching spoons? Check. Deep bowls, perfect for holding lots o' cereal and milk? Check. Tony the Tiger and Toucan Sam on the sides of the bowl with matching spoons? Check and check! Sadly, my dad did not get to the Wal-Mart on time and despite trying 4 locations was unable to find me my bowls; they were sold out. *pout*

Meanwhile my mom and grandma have been busy cooking (I have been busy stealing tastes of food and dodging smacks in the kitchen). Cleaning and last minute shopping were on my agenda today and was happy when I found Wal-Mart empty when I got there at 9am. The house is looking and smelling great and my cat Isaac adds to the ambience; happiness is a cat in a basket by the fireplace. That's when a house is a home. Sadly, this will be the first holiday season without my beloved cat Abbey, whom you may recall died in September while I was in Israel. Her picture now hangs over the fireplace and serves as a wonderful reminder of the companionship she shared with us. She will be missed.

Tomorrow I will see my brother for the first time since he and his girlfriend (of 17 years!) finally ran away to get married in Costa Rica. Yay! It might have been a better trip if my brother hadn't picked up one of them nasty bugs down there that keeps me from travelling to such places. Poor lad had a rough honeymoon. Hopefully some grandma cooking will do him some good.

Anyway, I don't need to bore you with family stuff... I hope you are all having a safe and happy holiday, be Christmas, Chanukah or Chrismukah!