Friday, December 16, 2005
I said, BRING IT ON!!
So yesterday there were all these doomsday reports about a giant snowstorm that was coming to Toronto to kick our collective ass. By noon the snow began to fall and I began to dance the snow dance. I love me a big ole snowstorm, oh yes I do. I then had to run an errand for work (recall: temping back at my old job) and it took 1.5 hours instead of 45 mins because the highways were already a mess. As soon as I returned to work at 4pm I left to try and get ahead of the storm (the staff were all let go at 3:30pm to try and beat the storm home). As happy as I am to see snow I can't say I was entirely thrilled that my drive home, which normally takes 20-30 minutes, took 2 hours... especially considering I had already spent 1.5 hours in the car just before my commute home.Anyway! We braced for what was expected to be the worst storm in 25 years only to be disappointed when we awoke this morning and found that it had stopped snowing in the night and the roads were more or less clean. Boooooo!!! Gimme the storm you promised me!!! I don't care that the temperatures went above the freezing mark or whatever it is that happened to rob me of my snow.... you owe me snow, damnit!!

In happier news I did go and see King Kong on Wednesday night and thoroughly enjoyed the 3 hour epic. My fears of a horrible looking fake ape were unfounded as the effects were breathtaking. The only thing I have to say I wasn't pleased with was Jack Black in the lead role. I like him and all, I think he's plenty funny, I just don't think he should have been cast in this role. Much like Chevy Chase should never have tried being a late night talk show host. Not every role is for every man; I'm sorry, that's just the way it is. Good on you for trying to stretch your acting wings, Jack... but not this time. Better luck next time!

Speaking of movies, I am looking forward to the release of Steven Spielberg's next film, Munich, based on the Munich Massacre. At the 1972 summer Olympic games 11 Israeli atheletes were taken hostage by Palestinian terrorists and eventually killed. The movie covers the massacre and the events that followed that tragedy (as Israel sets out to track down those responsible to assassinate them). The official website of the movie is here and the trailer can be seen here. I urge everyone to go out and see it for yourselves; given Spielberg's amazing and moving work about the Holocaust with Schindler's List, this should be an excellent film. (release dates are here if you are interested)

And speaking of Jews (like how I tie all the topics together for a smooth segue??) it should be noted that Dave over at Israellycool is hosting the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards for the second year in a row. A big thanks goes to Dave for his tireless efforts to run such a massive endevour, it's much appreciated. If you like reading Jewish blogs I ask that you head on over to Dave's JIB Award's post to put in your nomination and show some support (and NO this is not me fishing for a nomination.. go show some other blogs some lovin'! Have you hugged a Jew today??). And it looks like Dave has Jerusalem Post involved as well! Nice one, Dave!!

And speaking of Jewish bloggers, have you checked out my darling Noorster over in Hungary? You may recall that she was the sweet blogger who offered to take me on a tour of Budapest when I was stopping over there on my way to Israel in August. See how bloggers take care of each other??? She's the best, so go pop over and see just how funny a girl she is.

That's it for me, Shabat Shalom and have a great weekend!