Monday, December 19, 2005
is that a spring in my step??
Well, I had me a great weekend, how about you kids?

Friday I got a call from a friend of mine (actually her company used to work for mine and we have both since left our jobs) whom I had contacted when I got back to Canada to see if she knew of any work available in our industry. She called to tell me she had the perfect job for me and gave me a contact name and said that she told the woman to expect my call. I had to wait until Monday to make the call, as my friend gave me this info at 6pm on Friday. I spent all weekend rehearsing what I would say when I called the woman.....

Saturday I got together for a big holiday potluck dinner with all my old highschool friends, as we do every year. We exchange presents, eat lots of food, drink plenty, and play cards. As always it was fantastic and for once we even got into a couple of fiery political debates. Very unusual for us as a group to argue politics, but it was 3am and most of them were drunk so the upcoming election suddenly became the topic of choice. I enjoyed the debate and was happy to see it remained civil and didn't get ugly, as politics and drinking can do to a discussion, even among friends.

Sunday I officially moved in with my parents, at least for the foreseeable future. I have at least partially unpacked with one of two suitcases left to be unpacked. I have my car back and I am still temping at my old job. Things seem to be falling into place for me finally and my mood is continuing to pick up.

Today I called the contact name regarding the job my friend had mentioned. I was cautious about calling because it is the American division of the company I was working for and is therefore a slight conflict of interest for me. The American division is opening up Canadian positions up here and therefore competition for the people I worked with before. The interview on the phone went very well and I will have a face to face interview in the first week of January when they come up to do second interviews. I am perfect and quite qualified for the job (duh, I worked for the Canadian counterpart for 4 years) and so I am hoping the job will be mine. I don't want to get too excited, but hey, it's more pay, working out of home and travelling on the road a lot (oh, and offers car, cell phone and health benefits!). I'm keeping my fingers crossed. (Alex and Deborah... you were right. If you keep the faith, better jobs seem to come your way!)

Ah yes, and how can I forget the best part of my phone interview today?? The woman interviewing me today (from Michigan) gave me the "American view on Canada" quote of the day: "And I learned something else about Canada while I have been doing these interviews! I learned about Time Zones!" ('What do you mean?' I asked) "I didn't know you guys had the same time zones up there!!"

Oh how I love American ignorance of Canadians... it amuses me. Coz guess what, lady! Times zones aren't just an American, or even North American, phenomena! The WHOLE WORLD is divided into time zones! Imagine that!

Anyway, to continue my fine mood today I called up Rogers and cancelled my cell phone service and internet service. I hate you, Rogers and I was happy to move all my blog stuff off your server and take my business away from you. Good riddance.

How was everyone else's weekend? And are you sending me job-getting mojo??