Friday, December 23, 2005
Festivus for the rest of us!
Ah yes, the Chrismukah madness is in full swing now. Shopping, helping the parents prepare, more shopping, wrapping, and following people around in parking lots to get their parking space. And where did I pack my chanukiyah before I left for my trip? I'll be happy when this is over.

All this rushing and craziness has resulted in some spectacular bonehead moves on my part. Wednesday night I was looking at my blog statistics and saw a familiar ISP address.. a cousin of mine (my mom's first cousin) had been on my blog. Eek! No family allowed on this blog! So I wrote a polite but firmly worded email to this cousin whom I haven't seen in years and never speak to, only to realize later that I was looking at the wrong blog statistics; he was, in fact, on the blog I had established for my family in an effort to keep some privacy on this blog. Feeling like a supreme jackass I wrote him and grovelled and apologized endlessly. He said he understood and it was no problem but I still felt horrible; nice way to greet a family member you haven't spoken to in ages! *sigh*

Bonehead move number two came yesterday when I was out driving. Who needs a cell phone to distract you when you can just have your mother in the car telling you she doesn't want to go to THAT grocery store she wants to go to the OTHER grocery store. Annoyed conversation ensues and I went right through a red light. I still feel terrible about it and have flashbacks of people slamming their brakes on to avoid me. Nagging mother or not it was my fault for not paying attention and I drop to my knees and thank the lord I didn't hit anyone. It could have been catastrophic (I was driving an SUV at the time) and was a stomach turning lesson in paying attention when driving. I was tense driving for the rest of the day and suggested to my mother that if she wanted to give directions maybe SHE would like to bloody well drive. Did I mention I'll happy when the holidays are over??

Meanwhile my 85 year old grandmother (whom I adore) has come to stay for the week here at my parents place adding to the chaos of it all. She is the glue that holds this family together but she also has a way of making us all a bit crazy. She's very good at giving direction and telling us what to do from the couch. But hey, she brought cookies so I'll take the orders being barked at me.

Anyway, I am heading back to my old office to partake in "a non-denominational celebration" otherwise known as a Christmas party, but everyone is too afraid to call it that. After that it's back home to finish up some wrapping, try to do some more unpacking (I'm almost out of my living-in-a-suitcase phase!). If I am *really* lucky I might even get to set up my computer! I picked up a new flat panel monitor because my old monitor got scratched up while in storage (and despite being unemployed I feel I can afford a monitor! *gulp!*). I am dying to get my computer set up because I happen to know that the Chrismukah fairy is sending a couple of video games my way. Yeeha!!!

I hope you are all surviving the holidays ok..... try and enjoy it and not get too stressed out. :-)