Monday, December 12, 2005
leveling out
First of all, let me thank everyone who commented and emailed me words of support and encouragement. You guys had me all teary eyed just reading your kind words and I appreciate it immensely. Hell, I just appreciate that you didn't all think of me as a whining child, which is wonderful in of itself!

My mood has slowly been improving and I credit some great snowfalls for that. As we all know, I love the snow and with some good snow storms blowing through the last few days my mood has lightened a bit. I also did what any sane girl does in a moment of blinding stupidity and depression... I coloured my hair. I picked up some semi-permanent hair colour while I was in England, by a company called Manic Panic. My colour of choice was Shocking Blue. Now, before you think I have gone right off my rocker and ensured absolutely NO employment in my future, let me point out that these colours are generally meant to be used on hair that has been lightened or bleached before applied, otherwise the colour doesn't really show up. That being said, because my hair is dark brown it doesn't show up... except for on my multitude of white hairs (as pictured here and discussed here). I have to say that I am quit pleased with the effect and if you didn't know that I was a girl with far too much grey hair for her age you would wonder how long I must have spent dying individual hairs like that. It looks pretty damn cool, let me tell ya (I just tried taking a picture but need better light. I'll try again tomorrow). And it washes out after a few days or so which is great for those who are none to committal or like to change the colour often. I'd like to get a few other colours if I could afford it (which I can't)... something Hot Pink or maybe Ultra Violet?

Anyway, I also got a new phone (because evidently I feel rich when I am unemployed!). My old cellphone carrier, Rogers, had finally pissed me off enough to take my business elsewhere. So I got a new phone, a great new minutes package, and the most amazing free gift for signing up with my new carrier... 5.1 surround speakers from Logitech!! FOR FREE, I tells ya!! Awesome on SO many levels, not the least of which is the fact that I was looking into new speakers just before I left for my trip... now I don't have to worry! Now I just have to dig my computer out of storage.. :-/ But when I do my games are going to sound wicked!!

Yes, I am still living out of my suitcases. Literally. However, I am coming to terms with my current living situation and try my best to remember that this too shall pass. I have the wonderful support of you, my readers and really, what more can a girl ask for? (ok, OTHER than a job and my home and car back!)

Before I go:

- Survivor. The person I wanted to win did not. oh well.

- Aeon Flux rocked and I love Charlize Theron that much more. But how come she doesn't have her South African accent anymore seeing as she left when she was 19?? I happen to like South Africans and their charming accents. ;-)

- I have learned I hate Samsung and love Nokia. I traded in a much nicer Samsung cell phone for a lesser (in terms of bells and whistles) Nokia phone because I just like their layout better. I don't need the fancy stuff, I just want a phone that works easily (though I did enjoy tormenting my cat with the "angry cat" ringtone on my Samsung)

- my cat seems to have asthma. this may very well cost me a fortune (and my parents just dropped a fortune on him while I was away... his vet bills for several teeth pulled was over $1000. what can I say, my parents were afraid of me coming home to NO cats since one already died). this will be the second cat I have had that's had asthma. must do more reading.

- I am going to see King Kong opening night (Wednesday). I am counting on you Peter Jackson of Lord of the Rings fame! It had better be awesome!!