Friday, December 23, 2005
what do you mean Palestinians lie??
Ok, raise your hand if you remember that the Palestinians said they would stop firing rockets from Gaza if Israel pulled out of the Gaza Strip? Remember that? Remember Israel dragging it's people from their homes in order to get out of Gaza? The Palestinians had said they would stop attacking from that Strip if Israel gave the land back (but wouldn't vow to stop West Bank attacks, of course. they gotta stage their attacks from *somewhere* afterall!).

Well, in the past week the Palestinians have been firing rockets once again from the Gaza Strip, and the Israeli Defense Forces are mulling over just how strong a retaliation should be put into motion. And the cheeky Palestinian "activists" (aka: terrorists) have vowed to continue their attacks. You know, despite the fact that they got Gaza back. Palestinian officials are quick to tell Israel they would be impeding things if they were to escalate the situaton (read: stop the rocket attacks) but hey, SOMEBODY has to stop them from firing rockets into Israel since the Palestinian "Authority" certainly hasn't been. Do they really expect Israel to just let rockets rain down on their heads?? Are you kidding me?