Thursday, June 23, 2005
get the funk out
My mood is slowly (and I mean *slowly*) beginning to improve. In an effort to distract myself I spent a ridiculous amount of time throwing spears (and I mean an embarrassing amount of time. Occasional Bitch really needs to stop directing my attention to such games, as I can become really quite obsessive). Oh lord, I'm so hopeless that I even stopped in the middle of writing this post to play it again for another ten minutes. Short attention span? Who??

So I was writing an email to my buddy Deborah over in Livnot when the power in my office went out. In fact, the whole street went black. Personally, I was pulling for another big blackout like we had in 2003 but after a few calls I found that it was only in my area and lasted all of 25 mins. Drat. I love blackouts.

Oh, and in case you were wondering there is STILL no news with regards to my financial aid application. Yes, I was told June 15th. You can see where I am beginning to get a little anxious...... it's like waiting for test results. Stressful as all hell and my future hangs on it. However, Menachem in Brooklyn has raised my spirits by buying a bracelet to help me inch towards the money I need to realize my dream. Thank you so much!! It couldn't have come at a better time... I really appreciate it, and will ship it out today. Oh, and an special shout-out to Cassiopeia, si, and Occasional Bitch who have all put the "help celestial blue" button on their blogs to help get the word out. You ladies are too good to me.

Tomorrow I will be playing hooky from work and heading up north to spend time with my grandma. I have spent every last weekend in June with my grandma for the last 15+ years, as it is the opening of fishing season. Those who have been reading my blog for a while know that my grandma and I are very close and that she is an *avid* fisherman (pictures of my adorable grandma are here,and here). I always go up there during the summer and wake up at ungodly hours to head out on the lake with her to try and outsmart the fishies. I've already been having dreams about it this week. I think I'll stop by the Bass Pro shop on my way home tonight to stock up on gear that I need.

This will also give me an opportunity to tell her about my potential trip to Israel. I don't expect a particularly good response, and indeed I will be made to feel guilty for missing all the holidays between Sept and Feb. This may not seem like a big deal to most, but it's a *very* big deal to my grandma. It won't be pleasant informing her that I will not be present for family gatherings. She will just have to understand that this is a path I need to take.

I had my brother and his girlfriend over for dinner last night. I told them of my plans and they were very supportive. In fact my brother's girlfriend (I call her my sister-in-law... they've been dating for 16 years) said that if I decided to stay in Israel she would totally like to visit (I was amused to see such interest in Israel from a little Chinese girl. LOL!). I told her if I opted to move there she would be more than welcome to visit.

Anyway, after hanging out with my adorable grandma I will be racing back down to Toronto in order to catch the Pride Parade on Sunday. I love this parade!! So much fun to be had and such bright colours and happy people. Just truly a beautiful celebration of tolerance.... something a Jew can appreciate, no? It'll be a blast.... I'll post some pictures on Monday (I put a few pictures up last year).

Now if you'll excuse me I need to go swing from a vine.