Monday, June 13, 2005
there are 2 people who love me
1) Occasional Bitch - see her post in which she poses with the blue 'send-celestial-blue-to-Israel' bracelet.

2) Lilly in St.Louis - she ended the dry spell of bracelet purchases and bought one last night. Nobody has bought any for days except for her. Thanks for showing your support, I deeply appreciate it. At least YOU love me! :-) I'll send your bracelet out today.

Only 86 bracelets sold.... am I going to be forced to beg?

Anyway, I have calmed down a bit since the weekend.... but only a bit. I simply can't let fear cause me to second guess this decision.... my brain is looking for a reason to back out. If people always backed out of things just because it would be hard or because they feared change we would never accomplish anything, right? Change is scary, but not nearly as scary as the idea of being stuck in the same rut for another 3 years.

So if YOU love'll click the Buy Now button.

UPDATE: As it turns out, Solomon loves me plenty too and bought a bracelet today (thank you!!!). That makes it three people who love me, and a bracelet count of 87. Can't we make it to at least 100??