Wednesday, June 15, 2005
Know who loves me? Dave, down in Australia. Not only did he buy a bracelet, he mentioned me on his blog too. And guess who else loves me? Andrea and Janet, who both mentioned me on their blog. Lovely gals, those girls... go pay them a visit and tell them I sent you. Incidentally, some Jews need to head over to Janet's blog to help her out with some questions about why Jews do the crazy things they do (specifically the whole G-d versus God thing).

I'm super excited about seeing Batman Begins tonight on the giant Imax screen. So help me god, if some obnoxious teenage hoodlums talk and heckle throughout this movie and ruin it for me I'm going to go postal on their asses. I am such a stickler for silence (except for appropriate moments, of course) that I have actually gotten into near fights with people (ie: the shove that often serves as the build up to a fight. I'm a mouthy girl, so this is no surprise). Anyway, I am really keeping my fingers crossed for a good movie... so far the reviews look good, but I'm trying not to let my hopes get too built up.

Anyone have and know how to use Adobe Writer? Wanna make some quick bucks and whip up some forms I can use here at work? I want to be able to send a form out to customers that they can fill in and send back but not be able to change it or otherwise muck it up. If you are interested let me know...

89 bracelets sold and still no word from Livnot about financial aid for my trip. I'm told it's coming "soon". Oh please oh please give me thousands of dollars, oh please!!!