Tuesday, June 14, 2005
blah blah blah ... Michael Jackson.... blah blah blah..
1) I thought for sure Michael Jackson was going to be guilty because right when they were expecting the verdicts to be read a downpour of rain started here, the likes of which I have not seen in ages. Damn you Michael Jackson, I got soaked!! Details over at my photoblog, here and here.

2) Speaking of weather, ENOUGH with the 40C/104F heat already! Are you trying to scare me away from going to Israel??

3) Speaking of Michael Jackson.. I watched this and laughed until I wept. If you love Triumph the Insult Dog you will howl at his interviews with the crazed Michael Jackson supporters outside the courthouse.

4) Holy wow, some 4 year old kid died on an Epcott ride and they don't know why. Poor kid.

5) Batman Begins opens tomorrow night and all my geek friends and I are heading the Imax to check it out. Fifty bucks says it's WAY better than that last Star Wars piece of crap. I can't wait!!!!

6) MatzahNacho loves me, I got CASH from her in the mail yesterday for a bracelet. Thank you! And John loves me because he mentioned me on his blog. Toda Raba!

7) Speaking of John's blog check out this link I found via his blog.... it's a gallery of pics showing all kinds of crazy graffiti from around the world. Really quite funny.

8) I got an email from someone in the Livnot offices to tell me that my financial aid application is taking a little longer to process because I'm Canadian (??). I'm going to pop if I have to wait much longer to find out about how much aid I'll get. This will make or break my trip!

9) This blog, Post Secret, is one of the funniest and one of the scariest blogs I have ever read. People send in postcards with one of their personal secrets written on it.

10) Anybody know which camera I should buy? I friggin' well have to give up the one I have now (company camera) and I need to buy a new one if I am to take pictures in Israel one day. The ones I am looking at are here, here, here, and here. Minolta? Olympus? Kodak? Help!