Monday, April 11, 2005
can't get my groove back
Janet asked (in the comments section of my last post) if I was taking a break from blogging and rightly pointed out that I should be venting now more than ever. And although the plan wasn't to take a leave from blogging it just seems to be happening because I am feeling so confused and lost right now.... I don't seem to know what to say. I started writing a really long post today (and I mean *long*) but lost my ambition halfway through and didn't finish it. I decided it was just too long and that I have been whining quite enough lately. While venting on here is great for me, it's boring as all hell for my readers.

Anyway, I hope this pity party of mine won't go on much longer and I can get back into my usual writing groove. Laurie over in Livnot has offered some more words of encouragement and leads to pursue (toda raba!) and I got a great supportive call from a friend overseas last night (thanks, Stimpy!).

Thanks for your patience, I hope to resume regular programming soon.