Saturday, March 26, 2005
In Between Days
I'm having a great weekend so far. It's a long weekend here (thanks to Jesus doing his thing) so I am taking full advantage of my three days off. Thursday night I spent the evening cleaning my fish tank out. Pretty gripping stuff, no? Yeah well, every so often I have to do a major overhaul and it takes me a few hours (it's a big tank!). Anyway, now the fish are happy and I am happy. Tank looks great.

Yesterday my day started off so awesome I'm not so sure there's much that can top it off. My morning began with a phonecall from my best friend Princess Blondie:

"Hi! I'm so glad you answered your phone!"
"Hey neighbour! what's up?" (yes, we still call each other "neighbour" even though she doesn't live my the building anymore. Old habits die hard)
"I'm pregnant!"
{insert long pause. Princess Blondie just waits for me to say something. pause continues}
"Wow. I am speechless! I... I am without speech!" (a rare event for moi)

Finally I came around and became very enthusiastic. I believe I said something along the lines of "congratulations! Eeeek!! I'm gonna take so many pictures!!".
Truly I am thrilled and I look forward to documenting it all. *grin*
Congratulations to Princess Blondie and her fiance Bruno!! I love you guys!!

Anyway, the rest of my weekend has been spent in a strange cleaning frenzy. I'm gonna blame it on spring fever, because I can't figure out what has come over me. I cleaned out my cupboards and put together a big donation for the food bank. I cleaned my fish tank and my home and did some laundry. I have the window open for a little fresh air coz YAHOO, it's a balmy 5C/41F!!! Throw the windows open! Ditch the jacket and head outside in a t-shirt! It's WARM!!!

And it seems I am not the only one in a crazy frenzy because when I went to the grocery store this morning it was PACKED. And I mean, the likes of which I only ever see over the holidays in December. All this because the stores were closed yesterday (it was Good Friday) and (I think) again tomorrow?? People are stocking up like we are expecting a great storm... very odd.

So. I went to the gym this morning and tonight I am having dinner with my gang of friends and then a buddy of mine is crashing at my place. Then it's up and out the door for 9am to drive 2 hours north to grandma's place for a big family dinner. Mmm! I'll never say no to grandma's cooking!! And the card playing with my family is the best, I love it.

Before I go, check out this picture I took the other day when I was leaving my gym. Pretty, no? Have a good weekend, folks!

P.S. They have cancelled my beloved show "Third Watch". I am beyond devastated. I can only pray for some kind of a spinoff with my favourite character. *fingers crossed*