Wednesday, April 06, 2005
and so it begins
Well, I got my first "rejection" letter this morning. I have sent out several e-mails to various people/groups to inquire about possible financial assistance for my trip to Israel and the first one back read:

"Dear {celestial blue}
I am sorry that your request for a scholarship can not be accepted by the
Canadian Zionist Federation (that's where I take my Hebrew classes). The Kronitz Scholarship is for a full year study at a recognised educational institution or yeshiva and not for the program you wish to attend

{woman who won't give me money}"

Ah well, one down, a half dozen or so to go. A few of these contacts are long shots and I know it, but given that I am on the hunt for several thousands of dollars I need some positive responses early on or this is gonna be over before it's even begun. Another response I got back was a delivery error telling me that the address was wrong for the Canadian contact on this list, so that didn't go especially well either. *sigh*
If first you don't succeed.... you buy lottery tickets for all three draws this week. lol! Yes, that's my big backup plan. Yes, I realize it's an even longer shot but desperate times call for desperate measures.

I just got another rejection letter.

"I am sorry, but the only scholarship funds available at this moment are for university/yeshiva studies. A limited amount of funds have been granted to youth movements for their Israel programs as well.
I would suggest that you attempt to secure funds through those community organizations you may be affiliated with (synagogue, religious/Zionist movement, etc.)

I wish you success in your endeavors.
Best regards,
{another lady who won't be giving me money}"

Ok, now I'm starting to get depressed. I was really counting on these people (UJA of Toronto) to be able to help me, so that was a big loss for me. Most of the other people I will be writing to are smaller fish in comparison. This is what I get for being too old for a free Birthright trip.... and for being a bad Jew and not being affiliated with any "synagogue or religious/Zionist movement". :-(
Ugh. I think I'll go home and drown my sorrows in a night of tv viewing and gaming.