Monday, April 04, 2005
the Pope, Mother Nature and Sin City
Ok so... once again, at the risk of sounding insensitive.. can I tell you how badly I wish they would stop showing the Pope's dead body in the news? Really, it's very creepy. And in this particular photo you see in this post... it looks a lot like a court jester is standing guard over him. It does! Check out the guy in the colourful stripes! (it's just an observation, no need to flame me kids!) Anyway, may the man rest in peace now... he certainly deserves it.

In other news.... it's official, Mother Nature is an evil bitch. Check out what it looked like outside my building yesterday morning! WTF?? It was warm last week! I was wearing a t-shirt outside and everything! Then we got bitch-slapped with a wicked snowstorm yesterday. But I'll stop complaining now because it's warm again, the snow has melted, and much of the American eastern seaboard is still digging their way out. Poor Buffalo.... you guys always get way worse snow than we do.

In a somewhat related weather topic, have a looksee at a picture I took yesterday of a van advertising a local karate club. I bet they liked their name a lot better before the disaster on December 26th. The quote on the side, "You must survive!", is an especially nice touch.

I need to get some help from you guys.. I need to find me a good file sharing program. Er.. no reason of course.. I don't want to put Kazaa on my brand new computer coz it'll bung it all up with spyware. I have looked at a bunch of other alternatives (Limewire, Emule, etc..) but they all have spyware/ad-aware (though often they deny that they do). Mulder has suggested BitComet, though they charge a small fee and Bittorrent is apparently a nightmare for downloading small files (like MP3's.... not that I am into downloading those sorts of things... no, no) because it is sooooooo slooooow. What do you guys use?

Anyway, how was everyone's weekend? Mine was pretty good. I went and saw the movie Sin City with 7 of my closest geek friends. The movie was ok... very true to the comic book and very well executed. But I must say... I didn't fall in love with it. It took a very 1930's hardboiled detective type of narrative (ie: "The dame had gams that could bring a grown man to his knees weeping") and to me it sounded kinda cheesy. But I liked that it was different because different is hard to find these days. Would I recommend it? Well.. it's certainly not everyone's cup o' tea, but like I said... if you're shopping for something unique, this is it. Go for it!

After the movie one of my buddies crashed on my couch and then the next day he and I bummed around the next day. I went to Costco to pick up my favourite hummus, so I was happy. Then we holed up in my apartment and watched movies coz the weather was so cruddy and we didn't feel like going out. Foolishly I went out for a coffee with my friend 'Melra' late that night, defying the weather gods. Bah. The weather was horrible.

So my friend crashed at my place for another night and in the morning I got up and went for my usual Sunday morning meditation with my group. It was possibly the dumbest thing I had done in a while coz I only got 5 hours sleep (bloody time change!) and it was freezing ice (and eventually snow) when I went. But the meditation was great so it was worth it.

TV was good this weekend! Joan of Arcadia..... check. Battlestar Galactica... oh yeah!... check. Desperate Housewives... check! I've also been watching this new show.... Grey's Anatomy. It's ok, but it's taken over Boston's Legal's timeslot, so it needs to find a home of it's own so I can get William Shatner back. Oh how I love the Shatner. I the only one that adjusts rather slowly and begrudgingly to this daylight saving time thing?? I know it's "only" an hour, but it mucks everything up for me! But hey... are we not the most excited people *ever* in the fall when we get that hour back?? It's like it's our birthday all over again!