Friday, April 01, 2005
12 things
1) I don't know why but part of me really wants to believe Michael Jackson is innocent.

2) Wanna see something kinda weird? Check this out.

3) Tonight I am going to join my friends and eat sushi and see the movie Sin City (check out the trailer!). It's based on a comic book so we geeks are really quite excited. That and I love sushi, so it's shaping up to be an awesome night.

4) I hate to sound like an insensitive Jew here, but come on people.... let the Pope go! He's old and he's tired. He just wants to rest. His job here is done. We get it, homosexuals and condoms are bad. Peace, good.

5) I was mortified when I heard about the earthquake in the Indonesia area the other day. Haven't these poor people had enough?? My thoughts are with those who are suffering..

6) I have downgraded my status about this trip to Israel from 'total meltdown' to 'mild nervous breakdown'. I still have to go to my doctor to get a medical form filled out so that I can finish my paperwork for Livnot and begin the process of applying for financial assistance. I have been told it will take 45 days to hear back once I have put in my application. By the time the paperwork is in we're looking at TWO MONTHS before I will have a real idea of whether or not this is feasible. This is not helping me feel optimistic about this.

7) I saw Princess Blondie last night. We watched Survivor, played with makeup (we're trying to decide how to do her makeup for her wedding in June), and had dinner. I brought her a baby naming book so we could ponder what to call her baby when it's born (sometime in Dec).

8) Due to scheduling confusing with my vcr I missed watching Lost this week on tv. I am a bitter woman, because not only am I a consumer whore I am a tv addict. I'm hoping that Joan of Arcadia tonight and Battlestar Galactica tomorrow night will help me get over missing Lost.

9) I got a skirt in the mail today that I bought on eBay. Hell MUST be freezing over because if you know me at all you will know I am SO not a skirt/dress kinda girl. At all. I don't know what's come over me, but I plan only to wear it among people I don't actually know in order to avoid annoying (though well meaning) comments. Another skirt is in the mail. What has become of me???

10) I literally squealed with delight and clapped my hands when I opened up my Gmail account this morning and saw that they have *finally* added the option of enriched text writing. Now I can change my font and colours and add links to websites. AND they are increasing the storage of accounts from 1GB to 2GB!! How sweet is THAT?? I am a happy girl and I even wrote them to tell them how happy I was. If you don't have a Gmail account by now (which I can't imagine, but I suppose anything is possible) then let me know and I'll shoot one your way.

11) I simply cannot stop playing games on my computer. Thief 3 and Star Wars: Battlefront are my life now. Pretty sad, I know.

12) Do you like M&M's? Do you like Star Wars? then check this out.. it's pretty cute.